Saturday, December 2, 2023

Exclusive: Asit Modi told the allegations of sexual harassment FAKE, will take legal action against the actress

TV actress Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal announced that she is leaving the serial ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’. Along with this, he made serious allegations of mental and sexual harassment on the show’s producer Asit Modi and others. Now Asit Modi’s statement on this matter has come to the fore. He has rejected Jennifer’s allegations outright.

Asit Modi and team said this

Asit Modi and his team say that Jennifer did not live with discipline on the sets. He was not focused on his work. He used to complain daily to the production. On his last day, he also abused people on the sets in front of everyone. After this, Asit said that all the allegations of exploitation made by Jennifer on him are false and baseless.

The show’s direction team Harshad Joshi, Rishi Dave and Armaan say, ‘She didn’t live with discipline on the set and her focus was not on work. Everyday his behavior was complained to the production head. On her last day, she abused the entire unit in front of everyone and left the set without finishing the shoot.

Project heads Sohail Ramani and Jatin Bajaj said, ‘She used to misbehave with the entire team everyday. When she was going from the shoot, she drove her car very fast without thinking that any bystander would get hurt. They also damaged the property of the set. We had to terminate his contract because his behavior during the shoot was very bad. Asit ji was in America during this incident. She is trying to defame us and has made baseless allegations against us. We have already registered our complaint against these allegations.

Producer Asit Modi said, ‘We will take the help of the law in this matter as she is trying to defame both us and our show. We have shown her the door out of the show, so she is making baseless and false allegations against us.

Asit Modi tried for mental, physical harassment, Jennifer made big allegations

Jennifer had claimed in an interview that she has filed a case of sexual harassment against producer Asit Modi. He told that Asit’s Sohail Ramani and executive producer Jatin Bajaj also misbehaved with him. According to the actress, this incident is of Holi. He was not being allowed to leave the sets and there was a lot of misbehavior after that. Due to this, she got very upset.

Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal spoke to Aaj He said, ‘From the beginning, Asit ji used to say many times, you are looking very nice. He once asked me what do you drink. I boldly said whiskey. After this he repeatedly told me to come and drink whiskey. They speak jokingly. But in 2019, our entire team went to Singapore. There Asit Modi said to me on March 8 – come and drink whiskey in my room. I was surprised to hear this from him. Then a day later he said – she is looking very beautiful. I feel like holding and kissing me. I started trembling after hearing this from him.

The actress further says, ‘I told two of my colleagues about this. One narrated a lot to Asit Modi. Another tried to protect me in front of Asit Modi. Once Asit Modi said – If you don’t have a room partner at night, come and drink whiskey in my room. When it seemed that the pulses were not going to melt, he started giving me less screen space. Last year also, when I called Asit Modi to ask for leave, he told me don’t cry, if I had passed, I would have hugged and flirted. After flirting, he used to say that I am joking. My lawyer explained to me that it is not right to remain silent now. You have to raise your voice.


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