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Exclusive: Are reality shows really real? This contestant made a shocking revelation

Himani Kapoor was much talked about as a contestant in the Saregamapa reality show in 2005. While doing the show, Himani got many Bollywood singing projects in her kitty. Himani, who was away from the music industry for a long time, returned to singing only a few years ago. Himani revealed to us many such aspects of reality shows, which the audience may not be aware of.

You entered reality shows in 2005

In an exclusive conversation with, Himani Kapoor says, ‘I started my singing career with Saregama in 2005. All the memories related to that reality show are still fresh in my mind. Even if those orders are from Srivastava ji as a mentor. He remained my guru not only during the show but also outside it. He always treated me like a daughter. I made my debut in Bollywood while I was in the show. That too with her favorite actor. I had given voice for Sushmita Sen’s film Chingari. My first song was with him only. One thing that was very unique was the love of the audience. His madness at that time was worth seeing. Whenever we were going out somewhere or going to the airport, they used to stop us.

Now the reality show is 90 percent fake
Commenting on today’s reality shows, Himani says, now I don’t find anything real in reality shows. I think that 80 to 90 percent of what is shown is fake. The voices of the singers who come are also tuned with the auto tuner. I don’t understand the concept that if someone has come in a reality show, then what is the need to fine tune his voice, keep the voice of the person who has sung the same as it is. Although it was just beginning in our time. Remember, once Himesh Reshammiya ji said the dialogue that I want roti in your house…that episode got very high numbers. The makers just got hooked and started looking for the masala. So that popularity increases and TRP is achieved. Then they started fights. It reached such a limit that the script started being written. Then we will create such a situation due to which there will be controversy among themselves. It just kept on increasing. You see, in reality shows it is less about singing, the singer is presented in a helpless manner, coming from a poor family. The problem is that because of this, the focus that should be on singing gets diverted and goes somewhere else.

Himani further says, ‘What happened before us was that some such questions were asked due to which the contestant would suddenly start giving wrong answers. I remember there was an episode where we all were talking about leaving the show. Because at that time our fellow contestant Debojit was getting backup from Ulka militant. We were told that this is happening for Debojit and he is receiving constant threats that Vineet should not win. All this was heard. After that it was not known what had happened. Was this really true or was it a fabricated story? Although Debojit had won the show.

Himani says, ‘The thing is that we contestants were not aware of this world of glamour. At that time we were innocent. There was no social media exposure either. The only way for us was that we would be seen winning on TV and would be that popular. So whatever he said, we used to do it.

Was there bias in reality shows? In response to this, Himani says, ‘Yes, everyone had their favourites. He used to support his favorite. I was also among the favorite students of Aadesh Srivastava ji. He supported me.


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