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Excessive use of video games and electronic devices changes behavior in children

Excessive use of video game and electronic devices modifies the behavior of girls and boys, in addition to increasing the risk of developing depression and anxietysaid a specialist this Saturday.

about the Boys and Girls Day commemorating this April 30, Rocío Nuricumbo Ramírez, child psychotherapist, explained in a statement that many infants currently reach therapy for problems like not getting up early, paste classmates, not doing homework, or not paying attention in class.

“But from the pandemic We have observed a change in the reasons for consultation, because in addition to those mentioned, children are isolating themselves, ‘cutting off’, they are not managing to adequately manage their emotionsthey have a lack of social integration and spend a lot of time in their bedroom or playing with electronic devices”, he added.

The also professor at the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) specified that as of 2004 there was a drastic change in the way infants socialize, because while before it was played in the streets and parks, currently children play locked up in their homes and individually or remotely.

“Some fathers and mothers of families try a greater socialization and enroll them in extracurricular activities, such as a sport or workshop artistic, but those are structured activities, very different from going out freely to play in the street with other children,” he stressed.

This isolationhe argued, has become more significant in the age of video games and electronic devices.

“A modality of socialization is that sometimes they connect with their own peers online and play virtual games, but the risk is that sometimes there isn’t a supervision of mothers and fathers about who they interact with, what topics they see on the screen and how many hours they spend with electronic devices,” he said.

What is desirable for the psychotherapist is to combine these activities with others that are physical and seek greater real socialization with more minors.

The expert recommended minors to enjoy this stage of their life, that they do not try to get ahead of being adults and seek to be cared for and listened to by their parents, teachers and peers.

In the case of fathers and mothers, do not let yourself be overwhelmed by the freak of social networks and electronic devices, in addition to taking responsibility for having more information about the new forms of information and communication.


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