Friday, September 29, 2023

Esther González: Málaga CF’s quota among world champions

The Huéscar player signed a brilliant campaign on the Costa del Sol. He managed to enter the Golden Eleven of Football Draft thanks to his 12 goals in 34 gamesHowever, that did not help to save the team, which ended up being relegated, and she changed her destination signing for him. Sporting de Huelva. A year later his career gave a boost thanks to his signing by the Atletico Madridclub in which he has played during six seasons and in which he gave a remarkable performance, signing 86 goals in 183 games. After this stage he decided to sign for the team that gave him the opportunity to debut in the First Division, the Levante.UD In his first campaign he could only distribute two assists, while in the following he took revenge with 30 goals and 7 assists in 30 games, stratospheric figures that facilitated the signing by his current club, Real Madrid CF

The Málaga CF official account did not wait to congratulate the player with a Malaguista past, uploading a tweet that reads: ”We couldn’t be more proud, Esther! Congratulations!”, as usual, they also congratulated all the members of the champion team.

With this Sunday’s victory, Spain once again breaks a milestone and is crowned as World Champion 2023. A tournament that the girls who made it possible will never forget, as will the fans, who are proud that “the warriors” stood up for their team and won a trophy that fills all soccer fans with joy… with that small share of Málaga CF among the world champions.


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