Thursday, June 1, 2023

Environment will support scientific consensus to restore areas of Valle Nuevo

The minister of Environment and Natural ResourcesMiguel Ceara Hatton, pondered the importance of the panel “Action Plan for the Rescue of Valle Nuevo”, carried out this Tuesday by the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) to agree on actions focused on solving the problems caused by the last forest fires registered in the protected area.

Ceara Hatton thanked the propositional discussion space opened by the ACRD and which had among its exhibitors the Vice Minister of Protected areas, Federico Franco, who considered the interest of the entire scientific community in rescuing the affected areas in the New Valley National Park.

“It is an honor for us, from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, to participate with the scientific community in this event that seeks solutions to ills that affect us all,” Franco said, when participating in the aforementioned panel.

Speakers include Eleuterio Martínez, Andrés Ferrer, Nelson Bautista and Luis Carvajal.

“The Ministry of the Environment is making an effort, and we trust the Public ministry and the justice system, so that those responsible for the arson can be prosecuted in court,” Franco said.

At the same time, “we work with our specialists and technicians in the planning and execution of actions that are already being implemented, to begin to repair the loss in biodiversity of flora and fauna caused by these fires, those caused by and the accidental ones associated with the drought stage or the natural energy charge of the forest,” he said.

“We reiterate that the Dominican scientific communitycommunity, religious associations, communicators who show a permanent interest in preserving the environment, are our allies and aware that all together, we can improve the territory of the Dominican Republic, which is everyone’s home”, he indicated.

Franco guaranteed that the governing institution of the Environment will always proceed with the necessary scientific-technical consensus when developing an adequate plan for the ecological recovery of Valle Nuevo.

“The basis of this strategy is precisely where we started: a technical team trained and with an in situ diagnosis of the current situation of the area focused on the areas that were affected with proposals for action. This is what we are presenting to you today,” he said.

“Beyond the fact that nature itself can recover, this implies many years. We know that with the commitment of the entire society, and with the technical support of the scientific community, we can recover some accessible areas, which will be a step towards the recovery of this protected area rightly known as Mother of the Waters”, he indicated.


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