Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Entry of Jethalal of ‘Tarak Mehta’ in ‘Shark Tank India 2’, meme viral, users said – only firstborn, he is heavy on all sharks

The television show ‘Shark Tank India’ is creating a lot of hue and cry among the viewers. Why not create a ruckus, after all, the people who come in it come up with such deals, listening to which the sharks sometimes become emotional and sometimes start tickling. But it has to be said, every entrepreneur appearing on the show has seen his or her own struggle.

faced difficulties. This time, Jethalal of Tarak Mehta has come. Jethalal has come on the stage of ‘Shark Tank India 2’ to pitch Gadha Electronics. Actually, this is a meme which is going viral on social media. Jethalal has not really come on the show.

Jethalal pitches in front of the sharks
Jethalal has come up with his product Happy Diwali Sutli Bomb, hearing the pitch of which all the sharks are unable to stop laughing. The meme is so funny that at one point shark Aman Gupta asks Jethalal to expand his business. In response to which Jethalal says that even if I open another branch of my store, my stomach will be filled with only two rotis. That’s why I am happy in this.

Anupam says on this that entrepreneurship is very difficult, you should work on it. Jethalal had the right answer for this too. He said don’t keep quiet brother, don’t stop your nonsense. The clip is quite funny, which people are watching by rewinding it again and again and laughing out loud.

Fans are very fond of ‘Shark Tank India 2’ and this meme of Jethalal. He is impressed by the artist’s work. Seeing this video, a fan wrote, “Jethalal should have been on the chair of a shark. This is the best replacement for Ashneer Grover. He is a shark in himself.” Another fan wrote, “Gadha Electronics. No one can afford our Jethalal.”

Talking about ‘Shark Tank India 2’, this show remains everyone’s favorite. Anupam Mittal, Vinita Singh, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta are judging it. He is seen motivating startups by becoming a shark. However, in this season, Shark Ashneer Grover is not seen in the show. Some people are missing him and some are making memes on him.

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