Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Entities hold open consultation on the employment situation of people with disabilities

Within the framework of the Inclusive Technical Professional Training project (FOCO), the Francina Foundation and the Ibero-American Network of Entities for Persons with Physical Disabilities, carried out the “Technical Consultation on the State of Employment Situation of Persons with Disabilities in the Dominican Republic” .

The meeting was held with the aim of helping to identify challenges and specific actions to continue promoting the employment of people with disabilities in the country.

In this sense, Francina Hungría, representative of the Francina Foundation, indicated that alliances are essential and also work to promote spaces and align joint efforts to achieve the objectives of common well-being.

“We have the challenge of continuing to promote labor inclusion in the Dominican Republic, ensuring an active job offer for people with disabilities, leaving discrimination behind and trying to normalize the lives of these workers in all areas,” he said.

Hungary pointed out that one of the key elements of labor inclusion is the business and government fabric, “and, on many occasions, due to lack of information, prejudice or fear, this process is difficult or limits the final process of the insertion itinerary”, reiterated.

During the event, various topics were discussed, such as the participation of people with disabilities in economic processes. Likewise, the participants identified the opportunities and challenges in the process of integration of people with disabilities in the labor market of the Dominican Republic, in order to present proposals and solutions that allow progress in this common objective.

The FOCO project, implemented with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), through the Delegated Cooperation of the European Union, is executed by the Ibero-American Network of Entities for Persons with Disabilities and the Francina Foundation together to the National Institute of Professional Technical Training (Infotep) and its main objective is to promote the access of people with disabilities to professional technical training, thus expanding the opportunities for labor inclusion of this group.


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