Thursday, June 1, 2023

Enrique Alfaro, Samuel García and Alejandro Fernández give their opinion on Canelo’s triumph

More than 60,000 people gathered to watch the fight between Canelo Álvarez and John Ryder, including a large group of artists, politicians, among others.

And some of the stature of Enrique Alfaro and Samuel García spoke with Publimetro about their impressions of Saúl Álvarez’s victory over the British Ryder.

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In the first instance, the governor of Jalisco assured that the Akron field will not be affected, after this great function.

“I think it will be very good, the floor technology is the best on the market. It is going to rise at this time and we will see the conditions. I am one of those concerned that Chivas give us one more joy and everything is very good for Jalisco,” he said.

On the other hand, Samuel García, governor of Nuevo León, spoke about John Ryder.

“He defended himself and endured the fight and congratulations to all of Jalisco and to Enrique Alfaro for 200 years, they put on a great show. Mariana did suffer. It is a pride for all of Mexico, ”she said.

While the singer Alejandro Fernández also gave his impressions about what happened at the Akron stadium, in addition to clarifying that he could not be singing the national anthem.

“The truth is that I was very emotional. I saw him much more mature, making his fight and giving a cheer. He did invite me, but I had an engagement,” she said.

Finally, businessman Carlos Bremer indicated that it was a great fight.

“He was a fighter. The Englishman, although he didn’t shoot much, was very brave and endured everything. Saúl deserves my respect, he looked very good, ”he said.


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