Monday, December 11, 2023

Elvish’s big claim on snakes, Haryanvi singer Fazilpuriya made arrangements, will be interrogated again

Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT 2, remains in the headlines. Elvish is a famous YouTuber, who has made a name among the public through his videos. Recently his name has come up in the case of snake venom recovered in Noida and organizing rave party illegally. An FIR was registered against him in Noida Police regarding this. On Tuesday, Noida Police had interrogated the YouTuber.

A video of Elvish Yadav is going viral on social media. In this he can be seen with a Haryanvi singer. In the video, not one but two snakes are seen in Elvish’s hand. During the first round of interrogation, Noida Police had also questioned Elvish Yadav about this video. Regarding those snakes, Elvish was asked where they came from. Regarding this, Elvish took the name of famous Haryanvi singer Fazilpuriya. He said that Fazilpuria used to arrange these snakes. Singer Fazilpuriya is from Haryana.

On Tuesday night, Noida Police interrogated Elvish Yadav for about 3 hours. Meanwhile, the police is trying to remand the five snake charmers. The police have demanded fourteen days’ remand from the court. Noida Police has once again sent a notice to Elvish to join the interrogation. This time the police can interrogate Elvish and the snake charmer Rahul by making them sit face to face. During the first day of interrogation, the police did not find any specific clues. It remains to be seen what turn the matter will take next.

Who is Fazilpuriya?

Fazilpuriya, whose name has been taken by Elvish Yadav during police interrogation, is a famous singer. Fazilpuriya mainly sings songs in Haryanvi language. He was born in Fazilpur Jharsa, Haryana. According to reports, Fazilpuria’s real name is Rahul Yadav.

He sang his first song with rapper Badshah, which was named ‘Chul’. This song became quite famous. This song was also heard in Alia Bhatt and Siddharth Malhotra’s film ‘Kapoor and Sons’. Apart from this, Fazilpuriya has sung other songs like ‘Lala Lori’, ‘Balam Ka System’. This also includes ’32 Bor’ with Elvish Yadav. Fazilpuriya is married and is also in the news for his luxury lifestyle.


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