Monday, December 11, 2023

Elvish Yadav’s snake scandal took a new turn, police got custody of the accused, awaiting forensic report

Elvish Yadav remains in the headlines regarding snake venom and rave party case. This matter is taking new turns every day. Noida Police had interrogated Elvish. During this time, questions were raised about the snakes seen in his video. Then YouTuber had taken the name of Haryanvi singer Fazilpuriya. Meanwhile, it was being told that the police is trying to take the custody of the five accused caught in the raid in Sector 49 of Noida. Now a big update has come out regarding this.

Accused in police custody

According to the information, the police has got the custody of the five accused arrested in this case from jail. The police are interrogating the five accused. All the accused are being interrogated at different places. The main accused in this case, Rahul, is also being interrogated. Actually, Rahul is the person whose recording was revealed. In the recording he was talking about knowing Elvish Yadav.

Police had recovered 9 snakes and venom during the raid. Of the 9 snakes, 5 were cobra snakes. During investigation, the police will find out from where these snakes came to these people. It has also become clear in the investigation that the poison had been extracted from all the snakes. The police have to find out where the poison was, who took it out and where the poison went. Apart from this, the police will also take the accused to Noida and Gurugram.

Besides, the police can also interrogate snake charmer Rahul and YouTuber Elvish Yadav by making them sit face to face. The forensic report of the suspicious chemical which was recovered by the police from the snake charmers is also being awaited. There is a possibility that it may be chemical poison. The next two days are going to be important in this matter.

What did the police say in the court?

While taking remand of the five accused, the police had told the court that snakes and poison could be recovered from these accused. Therefore it is necessary to interrogate them. The police had also told the court that all of them were working like a gang and they may have more accomplices.


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