Sunday, June 4, 2023

Elon Musk reveals that the United States government has full access to private messages on Twitter

Elon Musk He is perhaps the most controversial CEO I have ever had. Twitter throughout his career. During the months under his mandate we have seen how the dynamics on the platform have changed, turning the site (both the corporate one and the social network) into a dense place.

However, the supposedly richest man in the world has remained firm in his position to find a way to monetize with the site he bought for a million. Altering in the process some of the natural dynamics of the place, as has happened with the whole thing with the identity verification badges.

They have revealed that Elon Musk himself would have bought Twitter because he thought that the authorities were going to force him to do so, after trying to get out of the acquisition process, apparently as part of a strategy to try to inflate the value of his shares in search of maximize your personal gains.

But today this subject is the top boss of the platform and has access to information that until now was unknown. Like the fact that the authorities can spy on absolutely all your activity on the site.

The US government can read your private Twitter messages: reveals Elon Musk

It so happens that Elon Musk has just been interviewed by Tucker Carlson, on the controversial Fox News news network. There the executive and tycoon talked about some of the peculiar findings he came across when taking control of Twitter.

Where the most explosive data has been the revelation that the United States government itself would have the ability to access a lot of the information that circulates on the platform, including direct messages that are supposed to be private:

“The degree to which government agencies actually had full access to everything that happened on Twitter blew my mind. I wasn’t aware of that.”

This is what Musk recounts after stating that the government had “full access” to all of Twitter. To which the journalist promptly asked if that included direct messages, to which Elon stated that even that can be read by the authorities.

In the same talk, the executive spoke about the future of Artificial Intelligence platforms, reaffirming his public position that these types of systems can be very dangerous.

In fact, Elon Musk claims that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to “destroy civilization.” Although he has just created his own company in the industry, X.AI Corp.


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