Thursday, March 30, 2023

Elon Musk presents his new Master Plan (Part 3): the path to a 100% sustainable world

After announcing the first details a year ago and after a preview just a few weeks ago, Elon Musk Has revealed officially his third master plan for Tesla, where he details the company’s general strategy for the coming years. The tycoon confirmed during Investor Day, held at the Gigafactory in Texas, his intention to create “a sustainable energy civilization”, eliminate fossil fuels and create a more efficient vehicle production line.

Musk, in particular, plans to invest $10 billion in his goal of creating a more sustainable future with a five-step plan. The first, and one of the most ambitious, is generate more renewable energy to the existing grid and, therefore, expand the energy storage capacity by 240 terraWatts (TWH).

Elon Musk affirms that this will not be necessary to “destroy natural habitats”. In fact, he points out that it only needs 30 percent of the nickel on Earth, as well as metal, a material that abounds on the planet. It will also use wind and solar energy as necessary infrastructure, and details that this would occupy “less than 0.2 percent” of the Earth’s surface.

The second step of Tesla’s third master plan is the switch to electric vehicles. Elon Musk, in fact, hopes that in the next few years combustion cars will become something similar to “riding a horse” or “using a foldable smartphone”, he has joked. To achieve this goal, Tesla will carry out a change in production strategy with a more efficient manufacturing process called the Unboxed Process. This consists of building all the parts of the vehicle on the same assembly line and painting only those necessary components, which will help save costs.

Elon Musk wants planes and ships with sustainable fuel

Tesla, third master plan

Elon Musk also aims to get households to use heat pumps in homes and businesses, as well as extend the use of high-temperature heat and hydrogen in industry. The fifth and last point of the plan is that Planes and ships run on sustainable fuel.

Although Tesla has not officially confirmed that it is working again on an electric car that is cheaper than the Model 3, the company has shown the arrival of two new electric vehicles to its catalog; without revealing, yes, its release date. One of these tarp-covered models is most likely the previously rumored $25,000 Model 2.

In parallel, Elon Musk has confirmed during Investor Day that the Tesla Cybertruck will arrive later this year. The powerful electric vehicle, in fact, has been seen at the Gigafactory in Texas with curious new features inside.

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