Monday, December 4, 2023

Elon Musk now goes against Tim Cook: he will fight Apple for charging commissions in the App Store

It seems that Elon Musk has found a new enemy: Tim Cook, the top boss of Manzanaall after the relative fiasco that took place in his anger against the CEO of Goal where everything seems to end in the most insipid way possible.

During the last weeks we had been seeing the curious evolution of a lawsuit between Musk and mark zuckerbergall derived from the latent release of Threadsthe Instagram companion app that is essentially a clone of Twitter, now called x.

It all started in a playful and almost ridiculous way on the part of Musk, but soon things began to escalate in earnest, with the imminent release of the new Meta app and the leak of photos with professional trainers by the two moguls.

And just when it seemed that we were finally going to witness a traditional fistfight, it turned out that everything was going to continue due to the accusations by Musk in which he claims that Zuckerberg stole Twitter engineers, who had in fact been fired by Elon himself. .

Who was the richest man in the world seemed to have finally calmed down. But the reality is that this period of peace was only the prelude to his new lawsuit.

Elon Musk now goes against Tim Cook for the fees charged by the Apple App Store

It turns out that Elon Musk has once again used his official account on X, formerly Twitter, to reveal that he will speak with the head of Apple, Tim Cook, about “adjusting” the 30% fee that Apple currently charges for each purchase made within the App Store.

This publication was made on his social network this Wednesday, August 2, 2023, arguing that changing the current charging dynamics by the Cupertino boys would maximize the amount of money that content creators would ultimately receive on Twitter when followers subscribed through the Apple ecosystem.

As per the current terms and conditions, if any X user, for some inexplicable reason, decides to subscribe to any user’s private content on the platform and does so through an Apple device, Cook’s company would keep the 30% commission of the price of said subscription.

All that money would be subtracted apart from the other commission that Elon Musk’s app would keep. The proposal now is for Apple to take said 30% of the fraction of money that X would charge for the subscription.

This means that if a subscription costs USD $100today Apple would stay with USD $30 and X with USD $10leaving only USD $60 for whoever generates the content.

What Musk proposes is that X keep his USD $10 and that Apple collects 30% of that amount, that is USD $3one tenth of the USD $30 you get with the current rules.

In the end it sounds like a very elaborate way of asking Tim Cook to make Elon keep the most money from each transaction on an iPhone.

We find it difficult for change to happen.


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