Sunday, December 10, 2023

Elon Musk in trouble: Meta and Mark Zuckerberg create their own version of Twitter called Barcelona

Twitter and Elon Musk They have had extraordinarily complicated days and millions in losses due to the bad decisions of the CEO who is no longer the richest man in the world. But it looks like everything is about to get worse, courtesy of mark zuckerberg, Goal and his new social network: Barcelona.

Last week we witnessed the start of a new collapse for Twitter after Elon Musk blew up one of the most essential foundations of the platform in the quest to generate more revenue.

The champion tried to charge for the identity verification badges of celebrities, celebrities and strategic characters who, in principle, are one of the main bases of attraction and interaction for the rest of the users.

Said movement, in conjunction with the explosion of its mega rocket Starship with SpaceX and the plummeting of shares of Tesla Motors ended up causing Musk to lose almost .

Any other mortal would have ended up on the streets with that combination of mistakes and that amount of money burned in a 24-hour period. But Elon just stopped being the richest man on the planet.

For its part, Twitter survived the crisis and is still there, but perhaps not for long, since it seems that a more attractive clone is on the way.

Barcelona would be the Meta and Mark Zuckerberg app created to replace Twitter and beat Elon Musk

The news agency Reuters has published the leaked details of the most recent project developed within Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s company that also includes Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

The only thing that was missing under his conglomerate was Twitter, but now that the social network is not going through the best of its moments thanks to the administration of Elon Musk it seems that they are preparing everything to launch their own version of this platform.

It seems that Meta wants to give the coup de grace to Twitter and Elon Musk with a new identical social network called Barcelona.

According to Meta, it is “exploring an independent decentralized social network for sharing text updates. We believe there is an opportunity for a separate space where creators and public figures can share timely updates on their interests.”

This description seems to fit perfectly with what Twitter is, it adds to the rumors that have been circulating since last month about the creation of a new social network with these characteristics and an informant has leaked, ironically through the blue bird social network, the code name of this new app: Barcelona.

According to the account of the informant Alessandro Paluzziit would be a social network based on writing text that will have a relatively strict limit of 500 characters for each post.

In the same way, threads could be published, made up of a maximum of 100 intertwined posts. But outside of it and the interface screenshots, no more is known.

Even so, it is reason enough to worry Elon Musk.


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