Thursday, June 1, 2023

Elon Musk deletes old inactive accounts on Twitter and that triggers more problems

Elon Musk He’s had a rough few months trying to get as much money out of his Twitter acquisition as possible. Which has led him to commit some actions that are not exactly popular among the members of a community that previously unconditionally supported this network.

The best example we have with the whole matter of Twitter Blue and the identity verification badges that have led many ordinary users and celebrities to leave the platform.

Added to this is the excessive charging for the use of the social network’s API, which has caused hundreds, if not thousands of accounts, automated but not aggressive, to completely abandon the platform in favor of the competition.

Unfortunately, everything indicates that none of the trends that we have observed with the executive are going to change his current pattern of conduct and it seems that even more changes are coming aggressively and improvisedly imposed on Twitter.

For example, the most recent announcement made by Elon Musk, where he reveals his intentions to completely eliminate those accounts that have been inactive for too long. But there is an important detail that apparently, again, is not taking into consideration.

Elon Musk wants to delete old Twitter accounts, but it’s not such a good idea

Through your official account on the social network Elon Musk announced that it is determined to implement a massive purge, removing Twitter user accounts that have been inactive for too long.

The idea, which has been manifested by Elon since last year, at first glance may sound almost sensible, although it is enough to think about it a bit to realize that this movement could have unintended consequences that would affect users and their families.

The “purge” of inactive accounts is something that is happening already, and Musk warns that this could be the reason behind a substantial drop in the number of followers of each account. At the same time, this will open the possibility that a username that could have been occupied over the years by an account that never published anything is available again.

But there are also some obvious disadvantages. From the outset, more ground is opened for the current dynamic of identity theft to continue to proliferate. Because someone hunting for the release of an old username can hijack it to take control of a new fake profile.

However, perhaps the most delicate point comes with the commemorative accounts, those belonging to celebrities, relatives, friends, or acquaintances who died years ago but who are still present with the legacy of their tweets on that profile within the social network.

Technically, these accounts would be candidates for removal, which has sparked complaints among the community about Elon Musk’s decision.


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