Monday, December 4, 2023

Elon Musk announces two new types of subscription for the social network ‘X’: these are their differences

Elon Musk is looking for new ways to get the maximum economic performance from x. Since taking over the famous social network, formerly known as Twitter, about a year ago, the South African tycoon has tried to monetize everything in his path with the aim of recovering part of the large investment he made to take control. of the platform. Even more so after a large part of the advertisers decided to stop supporting the platform after the arrival of one of the richest men on the planet, which led Elon Musk to even charge for verified profiles.

One of their latest strategies to make money with the social network is to end its free use for new users of the platform. Just a few hours ago, the company issued a statement through which it informed that all those people who want to open a new account in x in both New Zealand and the Philippines they will have to pay one dollar a year to maintain the service. A strategy that allows the company to both obtain greater economic returns from the platform and identify all these users.

Elon Musk proposes two new types of subscription

In one of his latest posts on the famous social network, Elon Musk has reported that they will launch two other types of subscription very soon. The first of them, the cheapest, will allow users of the platform to enjoy all the advantages of X with ads. Among them are some such as the possibility of having your own verified account, publishing longer posts or editing tweets once sent.

Meanwhile, the second and more expensive will allow those who decide to pay for it to browse the social network without having to constantly consume ads. Although the names of these new subscriptions have not been announced, in recent weeks it has been rumored that they will be named X Premium Standard and X Premium Plus. On the other hand, the account premium current will be called X Premium Basicwhich will be a little more expensive, and will allow us to reduce the number of ads shown on the platform.

Goodbye to ‘X’ in Europe?

Just a few hours ago, the specialized media Business Insider announced that the magnate has internally raised the possibility of blocking x in Europe to avoid having to comply with the new Digital Services Act (DSA) of the European Union (EU). Something that other companies like Meta have already done with applications like Threadsa social network very similar to Twitter that has not yet reached Europe due to the requirements of the old continent.

If Elon Musk decided to close X in Europe, the famous social network would lose around 9% of the platform’s monthly active users worldwide. A move, to say the least dangerous, that could endanger the future of a platform in low hours.


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