Friday, December 9, 2022

Elon Musk allows Kanye West to return to Twitter despite his anti-Semitic comments

Elon Musk has begun to fulfill one of his main promises since he acquired Twitter: that of returning the account to those celebrities who, due to their comments, ended up being permanently banned from the social network. That of former President Donald Trump was the first, and now, has also restored that of Kanye Westwhose account was suspended after posting anti-Semitic comments.

The rapper has posted two tweets in the last few hours to confirm that he was back, after Elon Musk reinstated his account. “Testing testing. Seeing if my Twitter is unlocked”, he has commented in the first post. Musk responded by making a play on words with his name (Ye): “Don’t kill what Ye hates. Keep what Ye loves”. In the second tweet, Kanye West posted: “Shalom : )”, a traditional Hebrew greeting that also means ‘peace’.

Kanye West, we reiterate, was banned from Twitter for posting a tweet against the Jewish people. In this, He claimed that they had “been playing” with him and “trying to exclude anyone who opposes” his “agenda”. Kanye also went on to claim on Instagram that rapper Sean Combs was being controlled “by the Jews.”

Elon Musk conveyed to Kanye West his concern over anti-Semitic comments on Twitter

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Interestingly, the rapper posted the tweet after claiming in an Instagram post that there were musicians controlled by Jews, and after Mark Zuckerberg’s social network temporarily suspended his account. Prior to that anti-Semitic post on Twitter, Kanye, who was not active on the platform, posted a tweet lashing out at Zuckerberg. Musk responded to it by saying “welcome, my friend”, and later, upon seeing his comment, the manager said the next: “I have spoken to Ye today and expressed my concerns about his recent tweet, which I think he has taken seriously”.

After initially being suspended from Twitter, Kanye West bought Parler, an alternative to the social network now run by Elon Musk that champions free speech. The details about this acquisition, as well as the future of the app, however, are unknown.

Elon Musk, in addition to Kanye West’s account, has also restored that of Donald Trump, who was permanently suspended for inciting to storm the United States Capitol. The former president, however, has not published anything on the social network again. Musk, yes —and unlike Kanye—, has asked users through a survey if they wanted the account to be active again. 51.8% of the participants voted in favour.

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