Thursday, March 23, 2023

Eli Cesáreo, bomb signing for Costa del Sol Málaga 2023/24

Bombshell from the Costa del Sol Málaga, which hits the table in the market. After the renewal of the López twins, Sole and Espe, and Silvia Arderius, The Malaga team has the first signing for the 2023/24 season. Elisabet Cesareo Romero (Sant Joan Despí, 1999) is the luxury reinforcement of the “panthers” and one of the pillars of the next project. The Spanish international signs for the next two years and comes from JDA Bourgogne Dijon Handball of the French Ligue Butagaz Energie, one of the most powerful leagues in Europe.

A movement of many carats for the squad that Suso Gallardo trains, which is made with one of the great young Spanish players. The 23-year-old pivot has a long career behind him, being one of the recognizable faces of national handball. He started at the Club Handbol Sant Joan Despí from his land and then made the leap to Sant Vicenç. There he opened a gap in the Division of Honor with the Caja Rural Aula Valladolid, where he spent two courses. The next club of his was the Super Amara Bera Bera, for which he played for three seasons. In 2018 she debuted with the “Guerreras”, having been summoned in the European and World Championships and in the Tokyo’21 Olympic Games.

In his record he has the silver medal of the Kumamoto World Cup in 2019. In addition, he has more than 50 caps to his credit. Last summer, after being the best pivot of the 2021/22 season in the Iberdrola Guerreras League, she went abroad. Now the Costa del Sol Málaga is the key to return to her country and the Catalan does not hide her joy. “I am very excited and eager to start a new challenge. I think it could be a beautiful year, with many goals to meet and above all to enjoy and not stop smiling,” he explains.

Eli Cesáreo offers the reasons that have led him to strongly support the Panthers, with whom he is committed until 2025.”Málaga has always been a club that I have noticed, I think it is one of the most professional clubs that we find in Spain, where to grow, learn and above all win titles. I don’t know the city very well, but I really want to walk through every precious corner it has and meet its people”, says the player: “During these years I have learned that the less you expect of everything, the better. The important thing is to work to achieve the maximum. There is a very good team, with players of a very high level, a character that is unique and the club fully supports it. I’m sure nice things will come together.”

The international will once again be one of the stars of the league, where it has played more than 100 games and has scored more than 250 goals. In her resume there are also three champion titles. She also has experience in European competitions. She will be one of the references. “I just want to contribute my essence, Eli in all her facets… that girl who has always loved handball and who since she was five years old has been playing and absorbing every experience and learning that has come her way”, she reflects: “Defending is my forte, I love defending and I really enjoy it, I understand situations and I try to play with them. I think my physique accompanies me too. In attack I want to continue learning, improving, listening and learning from the rest. I am going to share the court again with several players with whom I have already played and I am especially excited. I want to enjoy again and play an important role.”

The Malaga team shows muscle in the market and launches another ambitious signal abroad. “It’s a big deal. We have been working on this incorporation since November, a great effort has been made from the club and from the coaching staff the same convincing a player of this nature of the project. She is more than proven, she has won almost everything in Spain, she has played with the Spanish team in the Olympic Games, she has been runner-up in the world… “, she exposes Suso Gallardo on the reinforcement of Eli Cesáreo: “Despite his age, which is insultingly young, he has many tables and experiences and he will give us a plus in all facets of the game.”


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