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Eleven All Stars: time, channel … The program of the match France – Spain of the streamers

Lawn of the Stade Français in rugby, the Stade Jean Bouin in Paris is hosting a special event this Saturday, November 19 with the Eleven All Stars, a France – Spain match between French and Spanish streamers in front of 20,000 people and a sold-out stadium. At the origin of the project, AmineMaTue, a streamer followed by 1.4 million people on the Twitch platform. This confrontation, which may be surprising for some of you, dates back to last April, during the “Pixel War” between the French and the Spaniards with in particular a gigantic header from Zinedine Zidane. “I’m quite proud, especially what it’s been done in a short time for an event of this magnitude. We’ve been working on it for the past five months. We’re very happy with what’s to come, there’s still a lot of surprises for D-Day” explained Amine to RMC Sports.

For this meeting, a man well known to football fans will be present in the person of Alexandre Ruiz. The Free Ligue 1 commentator and former star face of beIN Sports will commentate on the match. He will be accompanied during the evening by Quento and host and streamer Doigby.

Even if the event is eagerly awaited, it also takes place against a backdrop of “controversy”. Indeed, if the GP Explorer was able to welcome a few women, this meeting will be with 100% male teams. A team composition that was made at a time when some streamers were reporting harassment and increasingly sexist speeches on the platforms. The streamer Pfut, “football specialist” and present, was notably targeted on the networks because of numerous “jokes considered to be sexist” and a relationship he allegedly had with a minor (comments he admitted in the broadcast at the time on the networks)

At what time to follow France – Spain?

The pre-match entertainment around the France – Spain event will start at 7 p.m. while the kick-off of the match will be given at 8:45 p.m.

On which channel to follow France – Spain?

The event will be broadcast in full on Amine’s Twitch channelthe organizer of this meeting between streamers.

What are the streamers present in this France – Spain?

  • The French: 1. Djilsi, 2. Inoxtag, 4. Bibi, 5. Arsene, 6. Tonton, 7. Michou, 8. Carlito, 9. Amine, 10. Billy, 11. Alonz, 12. Domingo, 14. YassEncore , 21. Boumé, 22. Yannou, 23. Sacha, 27. Pfut, 28. Bruce Grannec, 29. Rivenzi, 42. Brawks, 94. LeBouseuh, 99. Zack Nani.
  • The Spaniards: Djmariio, Willyrex, Viruzz, Cach001, Papigavi, A. Silvestre, Mikel, Anderr, Delanter009, Mostopapi, Folagor, Kokodc, Alexby11, Perxitaa, Karchezz, Pumuscor, Spursito, Rubius, Telmo.

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