Thursday, December 1, 2022

Eleven All Stars: the France of streamers wins against Spain, the videos

Successful bet ! After Squeezie’s GP explorer, the streamers’ France-Spain match broke a new audience record on Amine’s Twitch channel, organizer of the event, with more than one million spectators during the match (1. 1 million). A very important success for streamers in a Jean Bouin stadium, “home” of the Stade de Français rugby, sold out with more than 20,000 spectators creating an atmosphere of madness. Despite a rather harsh physical intensity at a few moments of the match (Telmo, Spanish streamer, making a gross mistake, as the last defender, and is excluded from the match (86 ‘)), France won 2-0 thanks to goals from Sacha in the first period and Bruce Grannec in the second.

Note that the Spaniards are responsible for organizing a return match, to take revenge after the French victory in this first edition of Eleven All Stars.

Who were the streamers present in this France – Spain?

  • The French: 1. Djilsi, 2. Inoxtag, 4. Bibi, 5. Arsene, 6. Tonton, 7. Michou, 8. Carlito, 9. Amine, 10. Billy, 11. Alonz, 12. Domingo, 14. YassEncore , 21. Boumé, 22. Yannou, 23. Sacha, 27. Pfut, 28. Bruce Grannec, 29. Rivenzi, 42. Brawks, 94. LeBouseuh, 99. Zack Nani.
  • The Spaniards: Djmariio, Willyrex, Viruzz, Cach001, Papigavi, A. Silvestre, Mikel, Anderr, Delanter009, Mostopapi, Folagor, Kokodc, Alexby11, Perxitaa, Karchezz, Pumuscor, Spursito, Rubius, Telmo.

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