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Elche thrashes a Rayo in inferiority and postpones its relegation

Elche managed to delay their mathematical relegation to the Second Division, at least one more day, after beating an unrecognizable Rayo Vallecano 4-0, who weighed too heavily on the expulsion from his headquarters Lejeune in the middle of the first period.

The Elche team breaks its losing streak and its coach, the Argentine sebastian beccaceceadds his first victory in Spain against an opponent who was not at all like the one who knocked down the leader days ago and who condemned his lack of competitive tension in the first minutes of the second act.

Rayo Vallecano started the game better and took possession of the ball, although Elche had the first great opportunity in the boots of Pere Milla, who could not overcome Dimitrievski in the one-on-one after a drop by Lucas Boyé.

Iraola’s team dominated the game, although without creating excessive danger beyond the continuous turnovers in the risk zone of the Elche defenders who did not know how to take advantage Fran Garcia, Isi and Alvaro.

Rayo was also around the goal in a strategic action in which the ball went over the goal line without any attacker managing to hole it into the net.

Moments later came one of the key actions of the match. Lejeune was sent off with a straight red, at the request of the VAR, due to a strong tackle on Pere Milla in the dispute of a divided ball.

Iraola put his team back together, placing Pathé Ciss as central and Rayo hardly noticed the inferiority beyond a shot from Tete Morente that Dimitrievski cleared with reflexes.

Already in the twilight of the first act, a cross to the far post was finished off by Tete Morente. The ball was cleared by the defense behind the goal line, for which the referee conceded the goal, although they had to wait a few minutes when the Rayo players claimed a possible foul by the attacker.

The goal enraged Rayo, who in the extension had two clear chances through Camel. In the first, Édgar Badía got ahead of him, after a new error by the Elche defense, and, later, he finished off high, only in the small area, after an assist from Álvaro.

The second half began with a new defensive error, this time from Rayo, but Tete Morente was too selfish and ended up forgiving the second goal.

Rayo advanced lines and discovered themselves in defense, allowing Elche to play at their leisure and find the cracks, always on the wings, of the Madrid defense. Lucas Boyé, after a precise cross from Lautaro Blanco, he scored the second seven minutes after the restart.

Seconds later, and with Rayo Vallecano still lying on the canvasa new defensive error allowed Fidel to stand alone against Dimitrievski to beat him low.

In the midst of Elche’s delirium and Madrid’s confusion, Pere Milla, after a failure in the clearance of Ciss, spared the room

The Lightning, completely stunned, was at the mercy of Elchewho for the first time in months felt comfortable with the ball among the olés of his fans.

Iraola tried to wake up his team with a triple change, but it was Elche that continued to generate scoring chances. In one of them Gumbau, after a pass from Josan, beat Dimitrievski again, this time with a cross shot.

With everything decided, Beccacece opted to give minutes to less common players, but Elche, with too many pending debts, He did not slacken and continued to torture the Madrid defense from the sides.

Gonzalo Verdú headed the ball to the crossbar, Tete Morente smashed a shot into the post and Nico Fernández, on two occasions, had the fifth in his boots, but decided badly.

El Rayo, desperate, was able to take a rout of scandal and only De Tomás and Trejo showed some rebellion before the unexpected display of the bottom team.

Data sheet:

4. Elche: Edgar Badia; Josan, Magallán, Clerc, Lautaro Blanco (Gonzalo Verdú, min. 69; Tete Morente, John, Gumbau (Raúl Guti, min. 72), Fidel (Álex Collado, min. 69, Pere Milla (Ponce, min. 73) and Lucas Boyé (Nico Fernández, min. 72).

0. Vallecano Lightning: Dimitrievsky; Balliu, Lejeune, Catena (Raúl de Tomás, min. 62), Fran García; Isi (Trejo, min. 62), Pathé Ciss (Óscar Valentín, min. 62), Santi Comesaña, Álvaro García (Abdul Mumin. Min. 46), Salvi (Unai López, min. 74) and Camello.

goals: 1-0, min. 45: Tete Morente. 2-0 min. 52: Lucas Boyé. 3-0 min. 53: Faithful. 4-0 min. 71: Gumbau.

Referee: Melero López (Andalusian Committee). He showed yellow cards to Andoni Iraola, coach, and to Álvaro García, for Rayo Vallecano, and to Clerc for Elche. He sent off Lejeune with a direct red card in the 26th minute.

incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-second day of the championship played at the Martínez Valero stadium before 11,259 spectators.


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