Monday, December 11, 2023

Elche descends before an Almería that catches air

He Almeria breathes in his fight for salvation to the win 2-1 to the Elchewhich with this defeat sees its consummation mathematical relegation to Second Division in the absence of five days to finish LaLiga Santander.

Thanks to the goals of the Brazilian Leo Baptistaoat 22 minutes, and from adri embarbain minute 52, the people from Almería are with 35 points, 4 from the relegation zone that, with one game less, Espanyol and Getafe occupy, while Elche, who did not give up and closed the gap in minute 90 with a header of the Argentine Ezequiel Ponce, says goodbye to Primera after having spent almost the entire course, that of his Centenary, in the well of the table and having achieved only three victories.

Almería went ahead in a first half without too many chances. In the 22nd minute, Rubi’s men found a hole in the Elche defense with a header from Rodrigo Ely, who would collect Leo Baptistao to beat Axel Werner from below.

In the second halfAlmería extended the rent in the 52nd minute with a great play by Embarba, who would end up crossing the ball before the Argentine goalkeeper. Just before the end, Elche would put fear into their bodies with a goal from Ezequiel Ponce in the 90th minute.

Elche began to play a very direct game. First, through a bad start by Rodrygo Ely, who left a free ball but Fidel Chaves did not direct the pass of death well. Later Lucas Boyé would try with a left foot that would brush the post of the goal defended by Fernando Martínez.

From then on, Almería tried to control the ball. Melero filtered a great pass to Embarba that he did not take advantage of for giving a couple of too many touches, the defender from Elche reaching the cut. The people from Almería asked for a penalty, but the VAR did not send the referee to review it. Later came a great pass from Babic to the back of the defense that Robertone did not finish well.

Precisely in the subsequent corner, the first goal would arrive. In the 22nd minute, after a poorly cleared corner kick, Rodrygo Ely would end up giving it up with a header to Leo Baptistao, who only had to beat the Argentine Axel Werner.

After the sledgehammer, the Elche team tried to recover with long possessions to end up penetrating on the wing. ANDl Almería, meanwhile, sought space with the speed of the Colombian Luis Suárez.

A scare would come for the locals before the break in a play apparently without danger in which Centelles fell asleep and the Elche tied the game, but the play would end up annulled after the ball went out in front of the end line.

After the break, Almería would protest a direct red card after Luis Suárez fell, but the VAR did not see contact, it was not enough.

The second goal would also come after the rejection of a corner. In the 51st minute, Embarba picked up the ball up front, dribbled and crossed it low to the right post to beat Álex Werner from below.

Moments of local dominance would arrive. Suárez left Baptistao a dead ball, but he sent it off incomprehensibly. In minute 56, Luis Suárez was selfish and did not give up the ball before Centelles finished shooting wide. Immediately afterwards, a shot by Gonzalo Melero from outside in a real gale from the locals.

Elche was able to stretch and began to approach Fernando’s goal without much danger. Almería would take advantage of that static game to lower the block and look for spaces on the counter. This is how Embarba would find a shot to the squad in the 73rd minute with an Almería overturned looking for the third.

The people from Elche would end up instilling fear in the body of the people from Almeria with a goal in the 90th minute by the Argentine Ezequiel Ponce after a defensive mistake by Ramazani, but the visitor’s reaction did not go beyond that and consummated relegation.


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