Friday, December 2, 2022

El Carpena boils with Spain in his sad debut in the Davis Cup

Maximum illusion in the Carpena and its surroundings that ended in disappointment to see the debut of Spain in the Davis Cup. Lots of Spanish flags, lots of national team shirts (the soccer team) on the way to the stage of the playoffs. Fans coming from Zaragoza, the most distant, from nearby Cádiz others, with hoping to have seen Carlos Alcaraz livegreatly absent, but with the same spirit of living a good afternoon / night of tennis in Malaga.

Gerard Piquéwho today changed his sweatshirt for a jacket, was conversing with the mayor of Malaga in a box where they were also seen Francisco Salado, Borja Vivas either david ferrertournament director, moments before the first of the matches began.

There was a lot of atmosphere from the first minute, and despite the time that tennis coincided with soccer (in Qatar, at five, Spain debuted in the World Cup), the stands of Carpena, with a capacity for 9,800 spectators, registered a magnificent appearance with 9,486 people willing to give everything to cheer on their players.

Spain appeared accompanied by the song ‘My enemy’ by Pablo López, in a clear nod to the Malaga fans who did not need more encouragement to be very dedicated since the presentation of the players. On the Croatian side, a perfectly synchronized brass band, live to see, framed the seconds between point and point.

After five in the afternoon, the mobile screens in the stands changed the camera for the television, and while the match at the Carpena was twisted, Spain already scored two goals in Qatar timidly celebrated among the public. The jug of cold water in the first set did not last long. The public cheered for each point won by Bautista before a solid Coric to which not even the interruption of two spontaneous young people who tied themselves to the net claiming God knows what not even the arrogance of Bautista’s spirit and the public got him out of his plan. Point for Croatia and fear in the body.

How were things going in Qatar? From the first part it didn’t matter. There were seven goals in the end but no one looked at their mobile anymore to keep an eye on the ball of what could be decisive Carreño-Cilic. Finally it was. With memorable blows, pikes with the Croatian fans and a unanimous chant of “Yes we can!” that was finally drowned out by a second Croatian victory that sent people home wanting more, much more.

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