Friday, September 22, 2023

Edufinet and the Sports Press Association launch the ‘Financial Education in Sports’ program

The Edufinet Project, promoted by Unicaja Banco and the Unicaja Foundation, has signed a collaboration agreement with the Association of Sports Journalists of Malaga (APDM) to provide financial education to different groups in the world of sports in Andalusia. Specifically, both entities will promote, through the ‘Financial Education in Sports’ program, various training sessions with the aim of reinforcing and expanding the knowledge in financial matters of both those responsible for institutions, federations and clubs, as well as athletes, coaches and sports journalists, among other groups.

In this sense, the Edufinet Project, in collaboration with the APDM, has scheduled a calendar of activities, which begins this September and will extend at least until the end of the year, with a total of five talks-colloquium on financial education, given, both in person and online, to different groups of the Andalusian sports community. These sessions will be moderated by members of the APDM and will also feature the participation of prominent sports journalists.

This agreement, which is part of the agreement signed with Funcas Educa, responds to Edufinet’s usual support for the world of sports, as well as its interest in promoting the importance of financial culture in the field of sports, aware of its increasing importance. in society and in the training, especially of the youngest.

Edufinet will develop these workshops through its financial education and sports initiative EdufiSport, which was born in 2020, with the aim of extending its work to disseminate and promote financial education to the sports field.. From its microsite, enabled on the Edufinet website, it aims to respond, through a wide variety of content, to the needs and concerns of athletes and interested parties related to the financial world. In this way, users can find in this space everything from different articles on sports and finance to various multimedia material.

Training talks on financial management

Through these talks, the aim is to provide these managers and athletes with basic notions and skills, which contribute to better management of finances, both at an institutional and personal level and, in the latter case, also in their sporting career, as well as how to facilitate decision-making in the future in the economic, financial and fiscal spheres.

The first session will take place on Wednesday, September 20, in the Cultural Area of ​​El Corte Inglés, in Malaga, where, in addition to offering a general vision of financial education to these groups, the need to incorporate this knowledge into their daily lives will be addressed to help them function autonomously in the economic and financial field.

Among other groups to which these training days will be directed, the College of Referees and the Malagueña Football Federation, both in Malaga, stand out; as well as the Andalusian Handball Federation and other sports, in Antequera.

Edufinet Project, pioneering financial education initiative

The Edufinet Project has been promoting financial education actions for nearly 20 years, currently counting on the collaboration of 17 universities and more than a dozen business entities and organizations.

All of this has made Unicaja one of the most active agents in the fields of financial education and inclusion, in the exercise of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its commitment to society.

Association of Sports Journalists of Malaga (APDM)

The Association of Sports Journalists of Malaga (APDM) is an associative entity that represents and defends the group of sports journalists in the province of Malaga, supporting them in the exercise of their profession, as well as in their access to the labor market. As one of the main driving elements of sport in the province, this association develops various events and activities of a journalistic-sports nature with the aim of strengthening relationships and generating synergies between all actors and interest groups in Malaga within this area. .


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