The president of Business Action for Education (Educa), María Waleska Álvarez, regretted that the start of the 2022-2023 school year has been postponed, and this time due to the vicissitudes of natural phenomena.

According to the business leader, it is a shame that in the face of a complex school year that represents the opportunity to return to a certain degree of normality after the pandemic, due to a climatic phenomenon, two valuable days of an already diminished school calendar are lost.


He pointed out that countries like Israel or Japan have school calendars that reach 220 days, including local competitors that, like Costa Rica, already reach 200 academic days in each school year.

“Therefore we must add a day to the calendar for each day lost, for whatever reason, and from Educa we call on the Dominican family, parents, and those responsible for those more than 2 million 100 thousand students of public centers that today have not been able to start their courses, that claim, that demand to make up for lost time”, Álvarez emphasized.

He believed that it is correct to preserve the integrity of students, teachers and education workers, given the risk that the severity of storm Fiona may pose, but he urged the authorities and the Dominican family to try to make up for lost time.


The president of Educa also recalled that with each suspended educational day, students and families lose the benefits of 4%, such as school meals.

“We must remember – he pointed out – that the current allocation of the Ministry of Education (MineRD), supposes a spending capacity of more than US$12 million dollars per day, and that we cannot afford that those resources that so much effort demands from the families and companies through the payment of their taxes are wasted:, he specified.

“The 4% must be honored and administered with the sense of responsibility and urgency that the current situation of our education demands,” he added.


He concluded by saying that Educa reiterates its support for the national authorities to ensure that this school year, which has postponed its start, is also taking off towards levels of learning consistent with the enormous capacity and talent of Dominicans.