The energy supply in the eastern part of the country began to stabilize this Wednesday, after the work of the national electricity sector to repair the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona, according to what was reported by the general manager of the Eastern Electricity Distribution Company ( Edeeste), Andrés Portes.

He explained that Higüey, in this province, was energized this morning with circuit number one of Substation 138-12. KV and that already 15% of the municipality has electric service.


“We have 90% of the energy in Hato Mayor, 90% in El Seibo, 80% in Sabana de la Mar, 95% in San Pedro de Macorís and 60% in La Romana, with a tendency to increase that percentage of energy served during the day and night”, he explained.

Portes added that they expect to increase the energy served in Higüey to 60% today. “In reality, we are working tirelessly on the instructions that President Luis Abinader has given us,” he continued.

“The companies of the Dominican electricity system, call them the EDES, among others, are working in a unified manner with all the efforts directed to the eastern provinces,” he reiterated.


Portes took the opportunity to explain to the public, especially to the residents of the Santo Domingo area, that the east of the country is in a disastrous situation, for which he asked them for the opportunity to allow them “to solve the small problems that they introduce them.”

The official appealed for citizen understanding and solidarity so that “they can compare what is a disaster against what they may have that can be resolved momentarily.” “I understand that we Dominicans must be more supportive of ourselves, that they give us the opportunity to be able to resolve their situation over there,” he pointed out.