Monday, December 11, 2023

‘EA Sports FC’ takes advantage of its independence from FIFA with a new turn-based game for iOS and Android

When Electronic Arts decided not to renew its partnership with FIFA, soccer’s regulator, it said independence would allow it to develop additional experiences beyond the main game. Well, the American company has presented its first proposal: EA Sports FC Tactical. It is a turn-based experience that will come to mobile devices.

Turn-based football? Yes, as strange as it may seem. EA Sports FC Tactical will be available during the first months of 2024 on iOS and Android. However, at the moment it does not have a specific date.

According to the company, EA Sports FC Tactical combines sports experience with strategy. Of course, it does not seem that the user has the opportunity to control the players with complete freedom. In fact, all movements will be conditioned, precisely, to a turn-based tactical system.

“Matches are simulated, with turn-based opportunities to defend, attack, perform skill moves and take shots on goal, resulting in authentic soccer action like never before,” EA says.

So that EA Sports FC Tactical does not become a monotonous experience, they will be offered multiple game modes. All of them, of course, supported by turn-based gameplay. As for the progression system, it will inherit part of what has already been seen in the popular Ultimate Team. That is, you can purchase stadiums, ball designs and uniforms.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that EA Sports FC Tactical It is a game that bets on online gameplay. The idea is that users can compete against people from other parts of the world, thus achieving an environment competitive. In fact, it will have its own ranking system with rewards for those who manage to stand out from the rest.

EA Sports FC tactical

EA Sports FC Tactical will include a wide range of game modes, from friendly matches to intense online competitions, including ranking, league and club matches. Train your players to master high-skill moves, unlock skills for deeper progression, and customize your team with various elements such as stadium designs, uniforms, and balls.”

Those led by Andrew Wilson They hope to reveal more details in the coming months. There is definitely still a lot to know about EA Sports FC Tactical.

Without a doubt, it will be interesting to see the result of this proposal. It is clear that EA is aware that mobile devices can become a real gold mine when things are done right. They themselves, in the past, have already verified this with the mobile variants of FIFA.

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