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EA Sports FC Mobile: everything you need to know about the new ‘FIFA’ for iOS and Android

EA Sports FC 24 Mobile will be the replacement for the mythical FIFA Mobile, giving a new life to the title for smartphones. A movement that comes after the developer and the world soccer regulatory body have not reached an agreement for the rights to the hyper-recognized name.

In this way, EA Sports FC Mobile will be the new nomenclature under which a game that will have Vini Jr. as the protagonist in this edition. “I am excited to appear as the cover star of EA Sports FC Mobile and I look forward to sharing this excitement with fans around the world”, commented The Real Madrid player. “Football is more than just a sport, and participating in inviting more people to this celebration is a dream.”

An expected EA Sports Mobile for Android and iOS

The arrival of EA Sports Mobile for Android and for Apple terminals will be free and will appear as an update for those who already have FIFA Mobile. It is thus a long-awaited natural successor, but one that comes as more than just a name change.

From EA Sports they have wanted to make their Mobile a better game in different aspects, and they have taken advantage of the name change to also give it a facelift.

The study ensures that It will be from August 24 when they begin to offer details in depth about the game. At the moment, in addition to the first trailer, they have already given us some points on which the new experience will be built.

The new EA Sports FC Mobile gaming experience

These are some of the points in which the gaming experience of EA Sports FC Mobile will be improved compared to previous generations.

  • Appearance. The game day experience in EA Sports FC Mobile has been improved. More camera angles, improved replays, and more added commentary are some of the improvements to come.
  • gameplay. New controls, such as Power Shot, Knock On and Hard Tackle to increase the possibilities when playing. There will also be an Elite shooting mode, game personality and dynamic speed.
  • Locker room. Greater team customization is added, such as kits, to be able to always put the EA Sports FC Mobile squad to taste.
  • UCL tournament. A new trip on the queen competition of Europe, with one of the 32 teams classified to play the Champions League.

EA Sports FC Mobile: release date

In addition to the above, and the information that EA itself will be giving between now and launch, the firm has revealed when this will happen. We won’t have to wait long, in fact.

Karim Benzema with an EA Sports FC 24 pennant
Photo: EA Sports FC.

EA Sports FC Mobile will officially arrive for iOS and Android on September 263 days before the arrival of EA Sports FC 24, the version for consoles.

So, fans of the biggest soccer title in the world of video games will have to wait just over a month for the multiplatform landing of the new era of FIFA, now EA Sports Mobile and EA Sports FC 24.

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