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‘EA Sports FC 24’ analysis: a FIFA with a new hat

As is tradition every fall, EA has released the most recent version of its football simulator. This time things are different, since the publisher has dispensed with a name it had for almost three decades. EA Sports FC 24 It is the beginning of a new era without the name FIFA in the titlealthough deep down, it is still the same game as always.

EA’s move seems one of the most disruptive in its history as a company. The word FIFA is linked to the EA Sports game in the entertainment industry, as well as brands such as Aspirin, Kleenex or Nutella that became generic names. Phrases like “the new FIFA” or “the challenges in FIFA” are part of the lexicon of millions of players today.

After playing for several hours EA Sports FC 24 I discovered that the name change is the only new thing. The game has a minimal facelift and retains the structure of a FIFA. Minor gameplay tweaks, occasional additions to single-player modes, and a total focus on Ultimate Team (FUT) stand out in this year’s edition.

EA Sports FC 24 is FIFA 24for better or worse. The new features will not be to the liking of many, but they will keep those who invest hours in the online game satisfied. After all, most people who buy a FIFA They do it for the updated squads and FUT cards, not for the experience of enjoying a realistic soccer simulator.

What’s new in EA Sports FC 24

The most notable change in EA Sports FC 24 It is the user interface, which gets rid of the blocks and offers a side menu similar to what we saw in the old FIFA. The menu is dynamic and changes with respect to the game mode. Although it may be disconcerting at first glance, most sections in the career modes, clubs or settings are left unchanged so as not to alienate players.

Every year, EA Sports usually presents the latest developments in its football game with great fanfare. EA Sports FC 24 is no exception and one of the ones that the study promotes the most is Hypermotion V, the new motion capture technology that uses stadium-mounted cameras and artificial intelligence to add realism to the game. When combined with other factors, such as intros dynamics or menus Matchday — which include “never seen angles of the action” — we would be facing an experience faithful to what is experienced in a real match.

Although they sound good on paper, the reality is that they will go out of style sooner than you think. Once you have seen everything, you will press Skip 99% of the time because all you want to do is play. Other additions, such as the materials of the shirts or the movements of the fingers or the texture of the faces, are only seen in the replays, since most users usually choose the furthest camera to have a complete panorama of the field.

EA has a bad habit of focusing on superfluous things and showing trailers with angles that we will never use in the game. What matters to a FIFA player is the gameplay and in this section EA Sports FC 24 It does not stray from the usual path.

As FIFA 23but a bit faster

In terms of control, EA Sports FC 24 It’s similar to what it was FIFA 23 before the latest patch. The gameplay is fast and optimized for offensive play, so the scores will be high in both career mode and multiplayer. Adjustments to animations and ball physics are minimal but evident.

EA Sports FC 24 it’s a simcade football where the defenders are conspicuous by their absencebut a change in sliders or the game speed within the settings menu could improve the experience.


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