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Dvand- The Internal Conflict Review: ‘Conflict’ of characters on social issues, the film attacks the system in the name of drama

Dvand- The Internal Conflict Review: The country is mainly divided into two parts. One part is the urban area, which is called urban area. The second part is rural areas. Both have their own problems and needs. One of these is regarding the means of entertainment. The world of urban people traveling in the metro has revolved around multiplexes, whereas for the villagers, the means of entertainment are something else. Ishtiaq Khan’s film ‘Dwand The Internal Conflict’ attacks the system by showing the story of the village as well as the condition of rural women and other social issues. However, this film will be liked more by those people who are interested in social issues and serious type films. Therefore, those who are fond of thriller and suspense films may find it boring.


The story of the film begins with Bhola (Ishtiaq Khan), Bhaiya ji (Vishwanath Chatterjee) and his friends watching ‘Omkara’ in the village. Those who have entered into the movie ‘Omkara’ so much that in some the spirit of ‘Langra Tyagi’ and in some the spirit of ‘Omkara’ has entered. If the acting is so strong then it is decided to stage a play on Shakespeare’s famous novel ‘Othello’. Now to give it the right shape, the name of the director is brainstormed. In this, the name of ‘Guruji’ (Sanjay Mishra) comes up, in whose house there is no money to pay the fees of his daughter. As soon as the call comes, Guruji takes the bus and leaves for the village.

They get a warm welcome in the village, but there is a problem as to who will play the female role. In this, the name of Razia (Tina Bhatia) comes up. But her husband Suleman does not allow her to go out of the house. After listening to her, Suleman gives consent to Razia to work in the play but with some conditions like – no one will stay four steps away from Razia and she will always remain behind the scenes. Well, Guruji, with his wisdom, gets all the conditions removed from Suleman and prepares Razia as well as the rest of the team for the play. Now the second problem starts after the selection of the main character of the drama. When Chandan (Vikram Kochhar) is selected for the main character Othello of the play, then Bhola’s conspiracies begin. Now he wants that this drama should not happen in any way but the drama will definitely happen. And the drama continues. Even if it happened in the light of torch, tractor and jeep.

shed light on social issues

Through his film, Ishtiaq Khan has thrown light on the status of women in the village as well as on the discrimination between high and low. In the characters of Razia and Bhola’s wife (Ipshita Chakraborty), there is a glimpse of the women of village or city, who remain imprisoned at home or behind the curtain. Who accepts domestic violence as her intention and cannot even quietly ask her husband to take her clothes. The concept of the movie is unique. This film makes you laugh but it also seems cumbersome at some places. However, after the interval the movie becomes more exciting.

Sanjay Mishra and other characters won hearts with their acting

Sanjay Mishra, famous for his acting, has left his mark in this film also. Ishtiaq Khan wrote a good story. Directed it very well and left no stone unturned in the character. However, the story seems slow and boring at some places. Many scenes seem boring and long drawn out. Talking about other characters, the neck of Bhaiya ji i.e. Vishwanath Chatterjee, influenced by Omkara, remains crooked from the beginning. Vikram Kochhar, who played the character of ‘Katta’ in ‘Purvanchal’ and ‘Sadhu Sharma’ in ‘Ashram’, has done justice to the character of Chandan. If you want to watch a serious ‘low’ comedy film showing social evils, then you will like ‘Dwand The Internal Conflict’.


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