Thursday, November 30, 2023

DS cars embrace ChatGPT artificial intelligence

The expansion of ChatGPT does not stop. After succeeding on computers and mobile devices, the OpenAI chatbot now aims to make its way into the world of mobility. DS Automobiles, a subsidiary of Stellantis, announced that its cars will integrate ChatGPT. In fact, they are the first European manufacturer to embrace this technology.

ChatGPT will be incorporated into the DS IRIS SYSTEMas the company’s infotainment system is known. All the models from the automaker will get on the conversational chatbot train. That is, the DS 3, DS 4, DS 7 and DS 9 The idea is that ChatGPT becomes a digital assistant on board.

It is important to mention that, unlike the original ChatGPT, which requires written text input to start its operation, In DS cars the interaction occurs through voice commands. It will only be enough to say “Okay Iris.” so that the system listens to your requests. If you prefer, you can also press a dedicated button on the steering wheel. This way, the driver will not be distracted while driving.

DS car owners will be able to request all kinds of information from ChatGPT or ask it to perform certain tasks.

“Integrated with the DS IRIS system, ChatGPT offers a completely new dimension of interaction… What if you asked what are the most beautiful cultural or artistic places to visit during a trip to Bordeaux, if you made a list of the most beautiful works that were preserved in the Louvre Museum, if you invented a quiz on your favorite topic or even if you created a children’s story to entertain them during a trip?”

ChatGPT will not be free for everyone in DS cars

Now, the use of ChatGPT on board DS cars it will not be completely free. The chatbot will be available at no additional cost during the first six months, as long as you are part of the first 20,000 users who register for a testing phase powered by Stellantis. If you are interested in trying it, don’t forget to register through the DS IRIS SYSTEM between October 19, 2023 and February 29, 2024. At the moment there is no information on how much it will cost once the free period ends.

Olivier François, Director of DS Automobiles, commented that DS’s main objective is to offer its customers a unique on-board experience, which is why they are integrating ChatGPT.

“Our mission at DS is to provide our customers with a unique in-flight experience. As pioneers in the integration of ChatGPT in the automotive world, we are making fluid, intuitive and immersive generative artificial intelligence accessible, transforming every trip into a unique journey “

For his part, Yves Bonnefont, software director at Stellantis, said that are aware of the widespread interest that exists around ChatGPT. His arrival in the automotive industry, therefore, was only a matter of time.

“Even knowing all the internal workings and binary calculations that allow ChatGPT to interact with its user, there is a certain fascination with how this conversational artificial intelligence model works. Its interaction capacity is undoubtedly one of the most striking applications of AI in the world. last year worldwide. Since ChatGPT has been available, we have worked to integrate it into our own systems. And we are pleased to be the first to offer this innovation in Europe.”

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