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Draft NBA: which franchise for Wembanyama and what are the rules of the lottery?

Barring a real cataclysm, Victor Wembanyama will be number 1 in the NBA draft on June 22 in New York. He will be the first Frenchman in history to be drawn number 1, Killian Hayes being the best so far, drafted in 7th position in 2020 by the Detroit Pistons. As a reminder, stars like Joakim Noah, Tony Parker or even Rudy Gobert were drafted in 9th position, 28th and 27th. If being in first position is a way to secure a place in the NBA for the 2024 season, it remains to be seen which team will be able to draft the Metropolitans 92 player.

The best teams in the regular season who play in the play-offs will not be able to obtain the first draft pick and therefore the Frenchman. Therefore, you won’t see Victor Wembanyama with LeBron James at the Lakers or even with Stephen Curry at the Warriors, at least not this year. Before knowing who will be able to draw the first pick, there is a last step this Tuesday, May 16. Indeed, the League will carry out its famous lottery which determines the order of choice among the worst ranked teams of the season. For now, here are the different franchises’ chance percentages of getting the first draft pick:

  • Detroit Pistons, 14%
  • Houston Rockets, 14%
  • San Antonio Spurs, 14%
  • Charlotte Hornets, 12.5%
  • Portland Trail Blazers, 10.5%
  • Orlando Magic, 9%
  • Indiana Pacers, 6.8%
  • Washington Wizards, 6.7%
  • Utah Jazz, 4.5%
  • Dallas Mavericks, 3%
  • Chicago Bulls, 1.8%
  • Oklahoma City Thunder, 1.7%
  • Toronto Raptors, 1%
  • New Orleans Pelicans, 0.5%

But beware, while for the past three years the first pick has always been picked up by a team with a 14% chance of getting it, in 2019 the Pelicans picked up first pick Zion Williamson with just a 6% chance of getting it. get…

Concretely, fourteen ping-pong balls, so called according to NBA jargon, numbered from 1 to 14 are placed in the machine. After an initial 20 second mashing, four balls come out at 10 second intervals from the machine. For example, 2, 9, 10, and 14 balls. Each franchise is randomly assigned a number of these 4-digit combinations. The three worst-ranked teams Houston, San Antonio and Detroit have 140 (14%), 125 (12.5%) for Charlotte, etc. The team with the winning four-ball combo in front of it wins the first choice. In addition, know that the name of Victor Wembanyama will not be pronounced tonight by officials and franchises, even if the latter will hover over the NBA.

When is the NBA Draft?

The NBA draft will take place on June 22 in New York. The ceremony will be followed at night in France due to the time difference.

On which channel to follow the NBA draft?

The NBA 2023 draft, eagerly awaited in France, will be broadcast in full and exclusively on the antennas of beIN Sports, official broadcaster of the League for several years in France.

Which French people will be drafted in the NBA?

For now, these are just guesses and predictions from various American media, but according to them, France should be well represented for this 2023 draft.

  • Victor Wembanyama : number 1
  • Rayan Rupert: between 13th and 19th place
  • Bilal Coulibaly: between 25th and 29th place
  • Sidy Cissoko: between 26th and 38th place

What order for the NBA draft?

Here are the different forecasts for the future NBA 2023 draft with Frenchman Victor Wembanyama who will be number 1 for this edition.

  1. Victor Wembanyama
  2. Scooter Henderson
  3. Brandon Miller
  4. Amen Thompson
  5. Ausar Thompson
  6. Anthony Black
  7. Jarace Walker
  8. Cam Whitmore
  9. Gradey Dick
  10. Taylor Hendricks


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