Monday, January 30, 2023

‘Dr Mashoor Gulati’ forced to quit acting and sell vegetables! Fans were surprised to see the desperate condition

You must remember ‘Dr Mashoor Gulati’? Sunil Grover has won the hearts of millions of viewers with his character. Sunil Grover is now missing from the world of comedy, but knows very well how to keep the fans entertained. Sunil Grover does not remain very active on social media. But whenever a post is shared, it goes viral. Something similar has happened this time too.

Sunil’s post going viral
Sunil Grover has shared a photo of himself. In this, he is seen selling potatoes and onions. The actor is sitting dejected in gray pants and hoodie. A lot of jute sacks are visible at the rear. Sharing the photo of selling potatoes and onions, Sunil Grover is saying that now it is his atria. Leaving acting, he is now forced to sell vegetables! Fans are getting shocked and upset seeing Sunil Grover in this style. But they understand that Sunil is doing this for the entertainment of his fans.

fans enjoying
Fans are commenting on this post of Sunil Grover and asking, Brother, what price did you give for potatoes and onions. Send one kilo of potatoes and two kilos of onions to our house. Whatever money is made, will be transferred online. Not only this, some friends from the entertainment world are laughing at this mimicry of Sunil Grover. Some even say that this post by Sunil Grover is the most legendary post of all time.

Earlier, Sunil Grover had shared one of his posts. In it, the comedian was seen riding a bike selling milk. To avoid the bitter cold, Sunil Grover was wearing a cap and a black thick jacket on his head. Spectacles were worn on the eyes, on which cold steam was visible. Fans also found this post of Sunil Grover very entertaining. Fans were giving very funny reactions to this post of the comedian. Taking pleasure in Sunil’s post, a user had written that give milk to ‘Naagin’ sir, you will get virtue. Another user had written that how much water was mixed, tell this also? Nowadays everything is getting adulterated.

Talking about the workfront, Sunil Grover got a lot of recognition by becoming ‘Dr Mashoor Gulati’ in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. His comic timing looked tremendous. The audience liked him in this style. Sunil was last seen in the film ‘Goodbye’. Fans are waiting when Sunil will announce his next project.

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