Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Double key European appointment of Unicaja against Galatasaray

Especially important will be two who will play against the Turkish teamin which a good part of the compositor options of finishing champion of group K of the continental Round of 16 will be at stake, an objective that the green team has between eyebrows to face the future quarterfinal play-off draw as seed.

Unicaja receives This Tuesday at Galatasaray at Carpenastarting at 8:30 p.m. It is a match corresponding to the third day of the league, which was postponed at the time due to the terrible earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria just two days before the date originally scheduled for this match.

Less than 48 hours later, both teams will meet again, this time in a match corresponding to the fourth day of the group, on the Ottoman court. A clash that will start on Thursday from 6:00 p.m.

This is the classification in the BCL

The situation in the table is as follows. Unicaja has 2 victories in two dayswhile Galatasaray has a 1-1 record in the classification. AEK and Limoges have already played both three days, with the Greeks with a positive balance of 2-1 and the French, bottom and virtually eliminated from the fight to be in the quarterfinal play-off, with 0-3.

So things, If Unicaja is capable of adding these two victories in a row in less than 48 hours against Galatasaray, would be placed in a privileged position, with 4-0 in the table, to face the last two games of the league -in Malaga, against Limoges, and visiting AEK on the last day, at their stadium in Athens- with the leadership of the group almost guaranteed.

The BCL was from the beginning of this season the great objective of Unicaja to once again rub shoulders with the best. The unexpected Copa del Rey title achieved brilliantly in Badalona has not changed the challenge faced by the Los Guindos club and the green squad to fight to be in the continental Final Four of the highest competition organized by FIBA. Carpena will host this 4-way event for the continental title next May, if Unicaja is among the top 4 fighting for the title. A “candy” too appetizing not to give up every last drop of sweat trying. And this week it’s time to sweat… twice.


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