Thursday, March 30, 2023

Don’t say Honey Singh is sick… the rapper broke the piggy bank, brought a big bang

Bollywood singer-rapper Honey Singh is celebrating his 40th birthday on 15 March. On the special occasion of his birthday, someone gave love to Honey Singh, while someone gave him an expensive gift. After getting a lot of love from the fans, the rapper also gave him a special gift. Actually Honey Singh has shared the teaser of the documentary being made on his life.

Responded to trolls with teaser
Every person’s time changes. Sometimes life is full of happiness, and sometimes mountains of sorrow fall on us. The one who moves ahead after defeating these troubles is called the juggler of life. Honey Singh is also a juggler in his life. There was a time when Honey Singh disappeared from the industry. Then he made a comeback. With his comeback, the rapper proved that he was the star of the industry yesterday and continues to be so today. The same story of the rapper was also seen in the teaser of Yo Yo Honey Singh’s documentary.

In the teaser, Honey Singh is seen performing on stage. He says, ‘This is my life that God has made and the depth in it. Who reminded me of myself today. I have told some of these things. I broke my piggy bank. I gave up my habit, don’t speak, now Honey is ill, my documentary is ready.’

Honey Singh’s documentary will be streamed on OTT
The documentary being made on the life of Honey Singh will be streamed on Netflix. Till now only the teaser is out. The release date of the documentary has not been revealed yet. Yo Yo Honey Singh is directed by Mozes Singh. Its producer is Oscar Award winner Guneet Monga. Guneet, who won the Oscar for ‘The Elephant Whispers’, is now ready to show the life story of Honey Singh on screen.

If we talk about Honey Singh, then his real name is Hirdesh Singh. Honey Singh entered the world of music in 2003 as a Punjabi rapper. Honey Singh has made fans happy by giving many superhit songs like ‘Brown Rang’, ‘Desi Kalakar’, ‘Blue Eyes’.


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