Sunday, June 4, 2023

“Don’t be stupid fools”: Enrique Burak blows up Diego Cocca and the Mexican National Team

Criticism for the Mexican National Team continues and now it was the journalist Enrique Burak who sent a forceful message about El Tri in the Gold Cup.

On TUDN’s ‘Amigos’ podcast, the famed narrator lashed out at Diego Cocca after the Argentine coach called the Mexico group “respectful.”

“The Gold Cup is coming, and then you have Honduras, Haiti and Qatar in the group. Then you listen to the coach of the Mexican National Team: ‘it’s a group of respect’. Do not stain, that is, one is 67, and the other two are from 80 and up in the ranking ”.

In this sense, he pointed out that the coach must stop being “deceitful” and know what rivals he is facing.

“Honduras hasn’t done anything for many years, Haiti went to the 1974 World Cup and it wasn’t Mexico, and you have Qatar there because of the wool issue and because they were the ones from the previous World Cup. Who are you kidding, don’t be foolish fools,” he said.

Faced with criticism, Toño de Valdés also recalled that the draw is set up so that the leaders of the group can have a comfortable path towards the final stages.

The Mexican National Team will debut on July 25 against Honduras in this first round of the Gold Cup.


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