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Donald Trump wants his Facebook account back

Donald Trump wants to return to Facebook and you would be putting all the pressure on Meta to regain access to your account. NBCNews reports that the campaign team of the former president of the United States sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg’s company requesting lift the suspension that has weighed on him since January 7, 2021, one day after the assault on the Capitol.

According to the aforementioned media, the former US president did not threaten those from Menlo Park with legal action in this regard, but he did request a meeting to discuss the restoration of his profile. “We believe that the ban on the president’s account [Donald] Trump on Facebook has dramatically distorted and inhibited public discourse.”

The possible return of the Republican to Facebook has gained momentum since Elon Musk lifted the suspension against him on Twitter. Also, as Trump plans to launch a new candidacy for the presidency of the United States in 2024, he is aware that he needs as much exposure as possible. Something that you will not achieve if you continue to limit your digital activity to Truth Social, your own social network.

For Meta, Donald Trump’s letter comes to put more pressure on a decision that is already positioned as his great dilemma of 2023. For now, Facebook’s parent company has limited itself to saying that it will announce a decision on the matter “in the coming weeks”, according to the established guidelines.

Donald Trump pushes for his return to Facebook

Donald Trump |  Facebook

With or without pressure from Donald Trump, time is running out for Meta to define what to do with the former US president’s account. This is because, following his indefinite suspension, Facebook’s Supervisory Board ruled that the decision must be reversed within a period not exceeding two years. The period in question expired on Saturday, January 7, but the firm has not yet made the determination public, if it already has one. Therefore, it is speculated that the “verdict” would be announced before the end of the month.

Facebook has been a crucial tool during the election campaign that brought Donald Trump to the White House in 2016. In fact, a report from Bloomberg he compared his ads on the social network with those of Hillary Clinton and showed a much more aggressive and effective strategy. According to the aforementioned media, the tycoon spent 44 million dollars to show ads on the platform between June and November 2016, against 28 million dollars from his opponent.

But the issue was not limited to the level of spending. Trump’s team showed nearly 6 million different versions of your ads, and analyzed them to give priority to those that generated the most interaction with Facebook users. While in the same period, Clinton showed only 66,000 different ads.

It is worth clarifying that Meta no longer allows advertising campaigns of this magnitude. However, Facebook continues to be seen as a crucial tool in gaining access to potential Donald Trump voters. Let’s not forget that the official account of the tycoon had more than 34 million followers at the time of his suspension.

A possible return that divides the waters

But the Menlo Park dilemma covers a much bigger picture than you might think. The company is not only under pressure from Republican politicians, who criticize it for allegedly stifle conservative views. The Democrats are also playing their cards, assuring that the return of Donald Trump to Facebook would be giving him a privileged place for you to spread fake news, conspiracies and hate speech again.

And to this must be added that the decision also divides the waters within the Meta offices. Not only for a matter of political positions, but also economic. The company fears that the return of Trump mean the departure of a large number of advertisers, as happened on Twitter. Something that, in part, can be compensated with the money that comes in from political campaigns during the election year; but that generates many doubts, especially after the economic slap that those of Zuckerberg have suffered in 2022.

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