Friday, September 22, 2023

Dominicans consumed 219 million liters of beer; 4% less than January-June 2022

The beer It is usually the drink of choice for many DominicansAll you have to do is listen in restaurants or grocery stores: “a cold one, please”. In addition, the beer market shows consumption with a downward trend.

The merchants reported 8,794,294 liters of pure alcohol in beers soldthis means that, if the average degree of pure alcohol is 4%, it means 219,857,350 liters of beer sold during January-June 2023.

However, when comparing the first semester of this year (8,794,294 liters) with the same period of 2022, when 9,200,389 liters were reported, a difference of 406,095 is presented. That is, a decrease of 4.4% between both periods.

According to the General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII), consumption between 2019 and 2022 went from 9.6 million liters of alcohol sold to 9.2 million liters of alcohol. In 2021 it stood at 9.7 million and in 2020 about 6.7 million.

From bar to bar

In 2007, in California, United States, a group of friends proposed that the first Friday of August of each year a meeting be held around the ethylic drink. El Comercio explains that, since that year, it has been classified as the world beer day.

Probably the more than 11 million Dominicans have ever expressed: “Give me a cold President.” And it is not for less, this is the drink classified as a country brand. Depending on the place, the price varies between RD$150 and RD$250.

But, in addition, the land located in the Caribbean has a high range of variety of artisanal and industrial drinks. Among them are “República La Tuya” with a price of RD$79 or the traditional “Bohemia” which is worth RD$139. On the shelves of Dominican supermarkets, beer drinks such as “Miller” are offered for RD$159; “Galician Star”, RD$107; or a “Heineken” for RD$139.

Those who prefer the refreshing drink cross the Dominican-Haitian border and taste a prestige, others take a transatlantic flight and arrive at Munich, Germanyto live the Oktoberfest experience, the beer festival best known by the global population.

According to the Beer World Index published by Expansivity in 2021, the cost of a bottle of beer varies by country. In Panama, a beer can cost US$2.7, 8% less than US$2.5 in Brazil. In Argentina it costs US$1.7, Mexico, US$4.4; Chile, US$2.4, and in Bolivia US$3.4.


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