The Dominican Republic will host from tomorrow until next Friday the International Seminar: Labor Migration in Latin America and the Caribbean, with lectures and discussions by national and international experts on various aspects and dynamics of labor migration.

The purpose of the event is to establish a space for reflection on the labor situation of the migrant worker population in the Latin American and Caribbean region, in which the processes of work flexibility, labor informality, sectoral demands for workforce and its gender composition.


Organized by the National Migration Institute (INM RD), the conclave will also deal with the labor policies that have been implemented in the post-pandemic situation in the search for effective migration governance.

In addition, the production of statistics and data generation that help to better understand the migratory phenomenon will be discussed.

The seminar is part of an “effort” by the INM RD to annually produce meetings of international scope and high academic quality with technicians, researchers and government actors, the agency specified in a document.