Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Dominican Republic has 10.7 million inhabitants

The censuses are constituted as a source that offers disaggregated information at the level of provinces, municipalities, municipal districts, sections, neighborhoods and places of a country. Dominican Republic is aware of this.

The general director of the National Statistics Office (ONE), Miosotis Rivas, said that the Dominican Republic has 10,760,028 inhabitants until December 2022.

The preliminary results of the X National Population and Housing Census indicate that 50.5% of the inhabitants are women, that is, 5,437,095. 49.5% are menwith 5,322,933 people.

“The population is growing, but in smaller volume. Since the year 50 the growth rate has been decreasing, going from 3.6% in 1950 to 1.10% in 2022”, he clarified.

For the executive, the formulation of public programs and policies aimed at promoting social and economic development of the most vulnerable provinces.


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