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Dominican Republic: Firm steps towards the revolution of digital transformation and industrial automation

The Dominican Republic has a strategic position in Central America given its connection to different parts of the world, an attribute that makes it a key territory for business expansion and a fertile source of business opportunities.

According to a note published by Bloomberg, in November of this year, the country’s fintech ecosystem, for example, stands out as one of the large sectors with advances in digitization services. So much so that the projections indicate that this 2022 will end with a growth of 23.6% compared to 2021.

In line with the above, this is just one successful example that reflects the momentum that the national industry is having today to add more productive sectors to this growing digital trend. For this reason, and with a view to contributing to the Dominican Republic becoming an interesting development pole in terms of digitization and automation, Rockwell Automation recently announced that Risoul, a company with more than 48 years of experience in innovative solutions for the electrical industry , opened its offices in the country, with the aim of becoming a new distributor in the Andean region and revolutionizing but above all accelerating the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

“The Dominican Republic is in a stage of opening and industrial growth with great economic potential, which is why at Risoul, together with Rockwell Automation, we seek to participate in this process. Our advanced know-how, added to our qualified experience, will allow us to provide great added value to this technological revolution, allowing companies to achieve their objectives in terms of industrial automation in the best possible way”, says Gerardo Ayala, CEO of Risoul.

Additionally, the executive adds that “this alliance with Rockwell Automation allows us to strengthen the support provided to plant engineers, covering the needs that customers may have in different areas and generating immeasurable growth capacity. In the future we project very good results given the great potential we see in the country and we are sure that the Dominican Republic is waking up to discover its full potential, so very positive things are coming.”

For Rockwell Automation, meanwhile, this opportunity implies consolidating its presence in the country forged some time ago, seeking to cover the industrial market with its different types or relevant industrial segments.

“With its capacity, structure, innovation and knowledge, Risoul will allow us to provide greater coverage through the experience it has in supporting our clients in the development of important initiatives in the field of automation and digital transformation in the Dominican Republic,” he says. Andrés Villazón, Regional Director in Andina for Rockwell Automation.

Finally, Villazón highlights that “in recent years the country has shown progress from the point of view of investing in automation to improve processes, since it is a global trend that is necessary to be able to be competitive in the market, but there is still a long way to go.” A long way to go.

The Dominican Republic is currently internalizing the importance that the future will be driven by data in combination with management systems and integrated intelligence, and adopting this disruptive technology in public and private organizations today is more necessary than ever.”

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