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Dominican cinema still feels the ravages of the coronavirus

Moviegoers returned to movie theaters to enjoy their favorite feature film; However, Dominican cinema is still feeling the ravages of the covid-19 pandemic.

The General Directorate of Cinema (DGCine) reported that 2022 collections from sales of 363,665 box offices totaled RD$101.5 million. This represents a decrease of 46.3% compared to 2019, when this item stood at RD$189.3 million due to the attendance of 892,197 viewers.

From comedy movies like “Qué León”, to romance like “Who’s in charge?” or adventures like “Gourmet tuber”, the cinema is growing. This is evidenced by the premiere of 29 audiovisuals in 2022 with a Creole seal. Of the total amount of income, 34.7% corresponds to the action comedy “La trapa”. This means income of RD$35.1 million for the cast made up of Pepe Sierra, Carolyn Aquino, Jenny Blanco and Raymond Pozo, under the direction of Frank Perozo.

This is followed by the urban drama, also by Frank Perozo, “Flow de calle”. The feature film collected RD$32.5 million for 116,797 visits. Meanwhile, his counterpart Archie López opted for a family story, with “El brujo”, which was seen by 70,510 people. The audiovisual based on the witchcraft beliefs of the Dominican society collected RD$20.1 million, this is equivalent to 19.8% of the income for this concept.

The first film to hit the big screen last year was the sequel to “Super Dad,” directed by Roberto Ángel Salcedo. According to the state entity, “Super Family” had earnings of RD$6.5 million from 24,051 fans.

According to the data compiled by DGCine, the films “La soga 2”, by Manny Pérez, and “Desaparecido”, by also actor Roberto Ángel Salcedo, totaled RD$1.1 million (3,919 people) and RD$1.03 million (3,479 moviegoers), respectively. . Film productions such as “Jupía” with RD$829,425 for 2,901 viewers; “Father is wanted” with RD$791,825, (2,707 people); “Rafaela”, RD$638,500 (1,964 assists); and “Perejil” with RD$650,675 for 1,929 people, report income of less than RD$1 million.

The pandemic is beginning to be a source of inspiration for directors. This was the case of Ernesto Alemany, who brought together Raymond Pozo, Carlos Sánchez and Fernando Pecheu, in “Humor in covid times”. This feature film collected RD$331,450 due to the attendance of 992 moviegoers at its screening on the big screen.

However, films like “Carajita” by Andrés Farías and “Bantú Mama” by Iván Herrera, triumphed in the regional market and won international awards. But in the Dominican cinema they barely had income of RD$351,450 and RD$207,200, respectively, for the joint sale of 1,673 ticket offices.

The thriller “El App” based on cybercrime, shows the fragile security of private information in a world governed by social networks. The film directed by Taba Blanchard collected RD$213,726, followed by “Vals de Santo Domingo” with RD$186,390; “Island of Two Republics”, RD$144,725; “Ballad of the Crows”, RD$125,990; and “The transformed man”, with RD$111,900.

weeks in theaters

With a week of projection, “La otra lucha” by Hans García was seen by 275 fans. This film reports income of RD$83,175, 11.5% less than its counterpart “Lo que se inherited”, by Victoria Linares Villegas, which collected RD$74,550 for 213 views.

For two weeks of screening on the big screen, “The Joke of Justice” and “A Movie About Couples” reported earnings of RD$71,800 and RD$51,450, respectively, for viewing by 367 fans. Meanwhile, “Morena(s)” with the same period in theaters collected RD$28,640 for 82 moviegoers.

The cinematographic production “La Boya” lasted four weeks of projection, for which it sold 142 ticket offices (RD$50,450 in collection), followed by “Diáspora” with a period of three weeks and 75 visits, (RD$26,250); and “La encomienda”, with two weeks in theaters, attracted 31 people (RD$10,850). In addition, “The country of the last things” barely raised RD$27,650.

According to data from DGCine, “La república de la pelota” (RD$5,300) and “Caribe todo incluido” (RD$5,250) have the lowest revenues, whose premieres were seen by 17 and 15 moviegoers, respectively.

international box office

According to Statista, worldwide box office collections are recovering. In 2022 it closed with US$25.9 billion, 21% more than in 2021 (US$21.4 billion) and US$13.9 billion more than in 2020, which stood at US$12 billion.

These revenues are due, to a large extent, to the projection of Top Gun: Maverick and Avatar: The Sense of Water, whose premieres reached US$1,488.7 million and US$2,216.7 million, respectively, according to data from Box Office Mojo. Meanwhile, Jurassic World: Dominion contributed RD$1,001.9 million.

When comparing the data for 2019, which closed with US$42.3 billion, there is still US$16.4 billion left to return to pre-pandemic levels, that is, 61.2%. However, when compared to 2005 (US$23.100 million) and 2006 (US$25.500 million), an increase of 12.1% and 1.5%, respectively, is evident.


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