Friday, December 2, 2022

Doiro: “I am very happy to be able to return”

After a few days off due to international commitments, Costa del Sol Málaga has returned to work to prepare for the return to competition. The calendar for the panthers is compressed, which before the end of 2023 will have five games. And there is a lot at stake in this last stretch of the year. But there is also enthusiasm in the dressing room to give continuity to the good start to the season. «I really want to face everything that comes. This past week was to disconnect and escape from handball to recharge our batteries for the beauty that is coming now, ”explains Estela Doiro.

This Saturday those of Suso Gallardo receive at 19:00 hours in carranque, in the Star Party of matchday 7 in the Iberdrola Guerreras League, against Grafometal La Rioja. «We played a lot, above all, getting back to feeling and rhythm. First we have Grafometal La Rioja, then Beti Onak and then the Super Cup. You have to acquire good feelings as a team, “says the Galician, who asks for seriousness:” We cannot trust ourselves because despite being recently promoted we still have to fight for it. They will come from working a lot during this break and we cannot trust ourselves, get the two points and pick up the pace ».

It is special for the front row, who is ready to return to the slopes after overcoming a fracture in the third metacarpal of his right hand. Almost three months later she competes again and is a reason for joy. «I am very happy to be able to return and be on the track with the team, to get back to feeling and doing what I really like. Despite the fact that I have been very well accompanied in the stands, it is true that there is a desire to step on the track and have the itch for the competition”, Doiro concludes: “I have been working a lot during this time with very professional people by my side who It has been helping me to recover in the best possible way. I think so, that I am prepared and ready to start again. A key “signing” for the Costa del Sol Málaga.

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