Thursday, June 1, 2023

Does the DR have the cheapest basic food basket in Central America and the Caribbean?

Dominican Republic It has the cheapest basic food basket (CBA) in Central America and the Caribbean with a cost of US$189.46, according to the latest monthly report from the Market Analysis Unit of the General Directorate of Consumer Protection of Honduras.

The Dominican Presidency echoed this Tuesday the report, where the CBA of the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua are compared.

The basic basket of the Dominican Republic is followed by those of The Savior, with a value of US$249.09; Panama with US$286.38, and Honduras with US$341.83, explains a statement from the Presidency.

Point out that the cost of CBA Costa Rica maintains the highest value in the Central American area with US$584.61, followed by Guatemala with US$477.80.

The conclusions of this report indicate that, although it is true that inflation has affected all the States of Central America and the Caribbean, the CBA of the Dominican Republic would have a lower cost in the whole of consumption with respect to the rest of the reference countries, which coincides with the data shown by the Central Bank, which reported that year-on-year inflation has been reduced to 5.90%.


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