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Doctors give the green light: Alexia Putellas returns

How we missed the smile of Alexia Putellas. The Barça captain will enter the squad again after 9 months and will do so for the last Champions League match at the Camp Nou. After breaking the crusader a few hours before the start of the Euro Cup this summer, the one from Mollet del Vallés had to move away from the pitch against his will. The blow was very hard, devastating for the best soccer player in the world. Since July 7, 2022, Alexia has struggled every day to overcome and He has worked on his physique and on his head. Now, all the effort has its reward. The queen returns to her house: the Camp Nou.

July 5, 2022

The nightmare began on the grass that he loves so much. A few hours after the initial whistle of what was going to be his Eurocup, the international tournament that was going to corroborate his reign in Europe, Alexia Putellas broke down in training. Alexia he noticed a ‘crack’ in his left knee and the worst was expected. Tears of pain, both physical and emotional, shocked the sports world. It was through a video, in which she was on crutches, that the Federation reported Alexia’s injury, even without knowing the extent. Within a few hours, the worst omens were confirmed: the anterior ligament of the knee had been torn. “I have broken down and I have to quit football,” he told his mother by message.

July 6, 2022

“Since I can remember, I have never gone more than five days without touching a ball”, said Alexia Putellas hours after her injury became known through social networks. “I don’t know how to start writing these lines. I look at the photo and see how quickly everything can change in a second or a second but the first thing that this situation has confirmed to me is the real and pure love I feel for this sport. I could blame him. why now, why one day before the start of the Eurocup that I have been wanting and working for so long, but I don’t. I feel that I have been privileged for a long time. I only feel grateful for all that daily happiness that is so difficult to get for anyone. I realized it a long time ago and I can say that I enjoyed it all the way up to today”, he opened up hours before having to witness the debut of the Spanish team from the stands.

With the shirt on and crutches in hand, Alexia saw how the team she was going to lead had to start the adventure of the continental tournament without her.

July 12, 2022

A few hours after the game, Alexia Putellas caught a flight back to Barcelona. He awaited the new life of him: operating room, rehabilitation and many months of work. The horizon were “10 to 12 months off“Now it’s been just over nine months since the Barça captain underwent surgery.

August 25, 2022

Alexia Putellas had all five senses in recovery. On a mental level it was complicated, with ups and downs and what some describe as “the football duel.” The first phase of recovery, especially in the first month after the operation where mobility is reduced, was the hardest. From the club they have “cared for and pampered” everything possible, they acknowledge from the Camp Nou offices. “She was wondering why her, why at that moment, and it’s normal. She has evolved, from being sad, to resigning herself to accepting the situation. Now she is very happy now,” the same sources report.

In that period until I can put my boots back on, Alexia has continued to collect awards and individual recognition. First, UEFA named her for the second consecutive year as the Best Soccer Player of last year and FIFA also gave her the second Ballon d’Or. very happy to get this award for the second consecutive year, especially at this time, when I can’t do what I like the most. Next year will be difficult, but I’m looking forward to playing and training again. I am recovering day by day“, he said when he raised the FIFA trophy.

October 7, 2022

After a long journey, Alexia was able to set foot on the treadmill. With a smile from ear to ear and an Instagram post, the captain announced through a video where she was seen running on the treadmill in a capsule without gravity.

December 30, 2022

And a few days before the hardest year in sporting terms for Alexia came to an end, the best possible news arrived: the Barça captain stepped on the grass of the Joan Gamper Sports City. Optimism was consolidated, the good feelings were present and latent in the dressing room and it was to be expected that sooner rather than later the ’11’ would put on the captain’s bracelet again.

March 27, 2023

And finally, eight months after breaking the cruciate on her left knee, Alexia Putellas returned to train with the group. The captain thus began, symbolically, the countdown to her reappearance, although she has been taking steps for months. “From the first moment I have always said that everything happens for a reason. It is a very mental injury, of a long time. Many ups and downs, discomfort and new sensations,” said the soccer player moments before joining the group. Her teammates applauded and cheered for the return of the soccer player. “You feel again what I have always felt when I was not injured. I want to work. Now a new phase begins and I want to be available, but that will be marked by time, the doctor and my knee,” he acknowledged to the media. of the club That moment has finally arrived.

April 26, 2023

This day will remain forever marked in the memory of the culers, staff, team and Alexia Putellas herself. Despite the initial doubts, Alexia Putellas returns to a call. The footballer, with very good feelings, wanted to return. The club wanted his star to step on the pitch again in the last game at the Camp Nou, but the doctors did not see it clearly. They didn’t want to take risks. “That not by entering 10 or 15 minutes is lost 5 or 6 months later due to a relapse”, you defend from the Ciutat Esportiva.


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