Saturday, April 1, 2023

Do you want to know what your children play? Get to know the video game guide for parents

This educational resource was announced by The Entertainment Software Association (THAT), which had an explanatory video entitled “Video game: Resources for Parents” where, these materials can be checked on the portal Let’s

The site explained the classification of contentswhich provides information about the category of the videogame, what interactive elements it presents, content graphic and age recommended.

Guide to control the use of video games in children Parents should be aware of the risks of controlling video game tools in minors

While what controls parental configured in virtually all electronics devices help parents to to block contents, control the sum of money spent on an application, the time of use and communication with third parties. All of the above allows children to play more safe and healthy despite all the content that may not be very appropriate for them.

It should be noted that this industry recognized the challenges and problems that revolve around educating children in the digital environment. for what for 25 years have dedicated themselves to establishing bonds of learning so that adults can have control over the content that their children see exposed, in its presence or absence.


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