Thursday, June 1, 2023

Do WhatsApp groups bother? A neighbor was sued for responding with a Pablo Escobar sticker

Use a sticker Pablo Escobar He earned a legal conflict for a neighbor. He did it in a whatsapp group where a neighbor made a clarification at 2:30 am. The woman, who replied inappropriately at a time when most sleep, considered using the sticker a “threat.” The case is viral in social networks.

The Twitter user Alejandra Perez shared screenshots of the chats of a condominium group in Caracas, Venezuela. “A neighbor was reported because he used a sticker in the building group,” she wrote along with part of the messages that were exchanged in the chat. The case was taken to the “House of Criminal Justice and Peace of Chacao”, in the Venezuelan capital.

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The conflict began over a space in the building’s parking lot. Messages at inappropriate times, as well as the avalanche of photos and messages for product sales or service requests, are some of the most common annoyances reported by those who use this platform and are forced to use the groups.

“No one used the sticker again”

The same user who told the story pointed out that “In short, they reconciled the case… they urged peace and that the group act as official communication, limiting a large part of the interactions. No one was arrested, nor has anyone used ‘the hitman’s sticker’ again.

Pablo Escobar’s label pointing in his notebook with the phrase “Annotated” became famous after the explosion in the use of stickers on WhatsApp. It coincided with the boom of the Colombian television series El Patrón del Mal, which told the story of one of the bloodiest drug traffickers in the world.


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