Thursday, September 21, 2023

Do not expect to see ‘Call of Duty’ soon on Xbox Game Pass even if Microsoft closes the purchase of Activision

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions of Microsoft being able to close the purchase of Activision Blizzard is that, most likely, the vast majority of its library of games, including those of call of dutywill be available through xbox game pass. However, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, warned that this move it won’t happen soon; not even if the acquisition is finalized within the next few months.

The aforementioned mentions that it is not enough to finish the purchase to integrate all the games in your service. In the specific case of call of duty, given the relevance it has in the industry, and the existing agreements with other companies, they would have to make additional efforts to bring it to Xbox Game Pass. This, of course, takes time.

Phil Spencer therefore took advantage of the Gamescom 2023 spotlight to temper the expectations of those hoping to see call of duty on Xbox Game Pass for the foreseeable future. Thus, it is now possible to confirm that Modern Warfare 3the next installment in the franchise, will not be available at launch on subscription.

“I want to make sure people know that there is work to be done to move games to Xbox Game Pass. So for the people who think that if the deal closes, everything will be available (including call of duty) in the service, that’s not correct. And it hasn’t been like that in other acquisitions we’ve made either. There is work that we must do first. So it will take time for us to get these titles in the catalog,” Phil Spencer told IGN

The manager is right. When Microsoft closed the purchase of Bethesda during 2021 in exchange for 7,500 million dollars, it took several months to see the games of the publisher on Xbox Game Pass.

However, with call of duty this period can be extended even more. Because? Activision already has signed various associations around its franchise. For example, it has an agreement with Sony to launch exclusive content on PlayStation consoles. Only users of this platform will be able to first enjoy the beta of Modern Warfare 3.

Thus, Microsoft would have two options to take call of duty to Xbox Game Pass. Wait for the completion of the already established contracts, or restructure them with the parties involved. As long as the latter, of course, are willing to renegotiate.

According to documents that were exposed during the trial that pitted Microsoft against the FTC, the agreement between Sony and Activision for the First Person Shooter will come to an end in 2024. So he call of duty of 2025, perhaps, it will have its place in Xbox Game Pass.

Another thing to consider is that Microsoft plans to sell Cloud Gaming rights to Activision’s games in Europe to Ubisoft. This with the intention of receiving the green light from the CMA —the British regulator— to go ahead with the purchase. Because Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers the option to play in the cloud, to include call of duty they would have to reach an agreement with Ubisoft.

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