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DM Abhilash-ALC Sandeep Bhaiya’s friendship gets crushed due to dispute, full of misunderstandings Aspirant S2

The story that ended with inaccessible forests now begins with heavy steps. The stories of two hours started. District Magistrate Rampur enters his office and with the same gait, aspirant Abhilash Sharma of Rajendra Nagar goes for the final interview. This time Abhilash did not appear to be wavering, this time Abhilash is not worried about his decisions, he is confident. By reaching the fifth attempt he has become proficient. Abhilash is mature. Abhisash is the main character of this story.

Aspirant Season 2. Released on Amazon Prime Video. There is a story of 5 episodes. Amazing writing and direction will keep the audience engaged. The unwanted hero of the last season was Sandeep Bhaiya. But this time it is not so. Focusing on Rampur District Magistrate Abhilash Sharma, this story shows the challenges of a new officer. An effort to make Rampur first in the ethanol race has been shown in this season. The story also shows friendship, a friendship that hesitates in asking for help.


Naveen Kasturia as Abhilash Sharma, Shivankit Parihar as Guri, Abhilash Thapliyal as Shwetaketu i.e. SK, Sunny Hinduja is playing the role of Sandeep Bhaiya and Namita Dubey has played the role of Dhairya.

What is special in the story?

‘Tripod’ means the story of three friends. Abhilash, Shwetketu i.e. SK and Guri. In the story, Guri runs a shoe firm, whose government tender related to fire department fails everywhere, he applies for government tender in Rampur also, but gets disappointed. DM of Rampur is Guri’s friend Abhilash but he does not ask for help. Guri does not tell this to his friend thinking of conflict of interest. There is also another friend who, without thinking so much, asks the DM to come to his coaching institute and give a guest lecture.

Abhilash’s character appeared somewhat selfish. Even after making a promise to SK, he does not keep his promise. SK, who teaches in a coaching class, gets insulted by his own DM friend, because DM Saheb did not come to give the lecture even as promised. In the stories till now, SK has been advocating saving friendship. But this time he feels cheated. But by the end of this season, the friendship between Guri and Abhilash becomes good, perhaps the reason is that Guri, who does not get the tender for fire safety shoes in many districts, gets it in Rampur. An anonymous letter comes to the Rampur DM, due to which the DM has to get directly involved.

This effort of TVF has been captivating the audience since the first season. But this time all three of them have become more mature. A new character has also been entered in this season. Deepa has entered as Abhilash’s new friend from Rajendra Nagar.

What’s different from last season?

While season 1 was focused on the preparations of Rajendra Nagar, season 2 is focused on Rampur. This season, the inclination of two characters in ‘Tripod’ has changed. Dhairya (who is Guri’s wife) has tried to develop a good thinking regarding Guri. Due to which Abhilash’s perspective has also changed. Abhilash, who considered Sandeep Bhaiya as his idol in the last season, is becoming a hindrance in the path of the same Sandeep Bhaiya this time. The intentions of Abhilash, who created many problems for Sandeep Bhaiya, may not have appeared wrong but his attitude appeared wrong.

What was missing in the story?

There is no glimpse of the story of Abhilash Sharma becoming IAS after clearing the IRS interview in this season. No strong point has been left in this season regarding the next season. From this season, people were expecting that people would be seen erasing the grievances of the previous season. But nothing special was seen this season. However, by the end of the season, Abhilash had apologized to Dhairya, which showed a good perspective of Abhilash as well.

What needs to be done before watching Aspirant Season 2?

Before watching this powerful story of TVF, you will first have to watch Season 1 of Aspirant which was released on YouTube two years ago. The beauty of this season was that many heroes emerged from it. Every character earned its own identity. Due to this, TVF created different wave series with different names focusing on each character. After Aspirant Season 1, SK Sir’s Class also came. Which shows the hero SK teacher of Aspirant on a large scale. After this, a series was also made on Sandeep Bhaiya. In which after Rajendra Nagar, the stories of his Prayagraj have been shown. Before watching Aspirant Season 2, you will have to watch these three series, only then you will be able to connect with this season.


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