Friday, December 9, 2022

‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ fame Kanishka Soni’s anger erupted on the film industry, said – did nothing for fame and publicity

Kanishka Soni, a well-known name in the TV and film industry, has come into limelight these days. Recently, in a conversation with, the actress had told that she too was in a relationship like Shraddha Walker. Was living in live in relationship. Although the boy loved her, but when it came to marriage, he physically abused her. Along with this, there were many fights and quarrels between the two. Despite this, Kanishka Soni made every effort to save the relationship, but in the end she thought it right to end the relationship.

Actress gave personal life update to fans
Kanishka Soni remains very active on Instagram. Along with professional life, she also keeps giving personal life updates to the fans through posts. This time Kanishka Soni’s anger has erupted on the film industry. He says that the way he was taken advantage of in the industry was wrong. Because of his emotional nature, he got cheated everywhere. Kanishka Soni has requested that she be allowed to live. They should be forgiven if they have made a mistake and things should also be forgotten. Nothing happens in this world more than karma.

The actress wrote this post
Kanishka Soni wrote in a long post, “I want to tell everyone that I belong to a very conservative family. I have been brought up in a simple family. During this time I have not used any term like ‘live in relation’. Have heard it. Yes, when I entered the film industry, I definitely heard and understood this word. I belong to a non-filmy background and have faced a lot in this industry. My innocence and emotional nature was taken advantage of Yes. Please forgive me, let me live. I am tired of telling my story to the world. Whatever I say, I say from my heart. No amount of fame or publicity has manipulated me I only believe in Karma.”

Fans are reacting to this post of Kanishka Soni. Many things are being written in his support. Kanishka Soni is currently living in New York. Enjoying the snowfall there. Kanishka Soni has 63.6 thousand followers on Instagram. He is also an actor as well as a singer. Kanishka does yoga to keep herself fit.

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